XDefiant GSK Faction explained: Abilities & background

Nathan Warby
XDefiant Faction in XDefiant

Ubisoft have revealed that the GSK will be the first new XDefiant Faction to be released post-launch, but who are they and what are their abilities? Here’s everything you need to know about the GSK Faction in XDefiant.

After XDefiant enjoyed a successful Preseason, the devs have finally pulled back the curtain on Season 1. The first major update is set to bring a host of new weapons and maps, but arguably the biggest arrival is the new Faction – the GSK.

But, who are the GSK and what will they bring to XDefiant? Here’s everything you need to know.

XDefiant GSK abilities so far

Only two of the GSK’s abilities in XDefiant have been revealed so far, and these are Flash Shield and Jager’s ADS System. The former is the Faction’s Ultimate, which deploys a shield and equips you with a pistol to block incoming fire while still having the opportunity to deal damage.

While using this Ultimate, only your legs will be exposed to ensure you have plenty of cover while still offering the enemy team a way to counter it. It’s also equipped with a flash on the front of the shield, perfect for blinding the rival team before your squad picks them off.

Meanwhile, Jager’s ADS System works a lot like a Trophy System from Call of Duty, blocking enemy explosives to keep you and your team safe. This ability is best deployed while attacking or defending an objective, as it will prevent a grenade from clearing you off in the blink of an eye and force the other team to face you head-on.

During the Faction’s reveal at Ubisoft Forward 2024, another ability that looked like a special kind of explosive, possibly C4 or another type of grenade, could be seen on the HUD. However, the trailer didn’t show it in action so it isn’t clear what this is or how it will work.

There are currently no details on what the GSK’s Passive will be. We’ll be sure to update this page with a full breakdown of all the abilities once they’re revealed.

Who are GSK Faction in XDefiant?

The GSK Faction has been lifted from Rainbox Six Siege and dropped into XDefiant, continuing the trend of each playable group being from another Ubisoft title. It appears to be inspired by the GSG 9 group present in that game, who are a German counter-terrorism unit.

Once added to XDefiant, the GSK Faction combines abilities from different R6 Siege Operators. The ADS System comes from Jager while the Flash Shield Ultimate is taken from Blitz, both of which are members of GSG 9 and are two of three playable characters alongside IQ.

That was everything we know about the GSK Faction in XDefiant so far. Season 1 is also to bring the full Ranked experience and a new mode, so make sure you’re prepared with the best weapons in the game.