Best RPK-74 class build in XDefiant

Emily Stander
RPK-74 in XDefiant

The RPK-74 is the best LMG option in XDefiant right now, so here are all the attachments you need to build the best loadout. 

While ARs and SMGs have taken the top spots for weapon rankings in XDefiant’s Preseason, the RPK-74 can still hit hard when you have the right loadout for it. 

So, here are the best attachments for the RPK-74, how to unlock it, and how you can get all its skins in XDefiant. 

Best XDefiant RPK-74 attachments

Playing with an LMG often means sacrificing stability for damage, so our best attachments for the XDefiant RPK-74 build are focused on reducing recoil. This is where the Precision Stock and Stabilizing Barrel come in, as they both significantly help to make the RPK-74 relatively easy to handle. 

The Stock and Barrel also help with the recoil debuffs that come with the Muzzle Booster, which will increase your rate of fire enough to compete with some SMGs and Assault Rifles. 

The Superlight Front Rail increases your Movement Speed, which is essential when it comes to fighting with slower-paced LMGs – especially in an AR and SMG meta.

Finally, the Quick Mag helps with the overall slow reload time of LMGs and gives you extra bullets to shoot with, which has helped me get out of sticky fights on multiple occasions.

Overall, this loadout helps stabilize the RPK-74 for better recoil, increases the rate of fire, and makes reaction times easier to maintain. 

RPK-74 loadout XDefiant
There are seven attachments you can customize on the RPK-74.

Best secondary & equipment for RPK-74 class

The best secondary to use with the RPK-74 in XDefiant is the 93R. This is because the 93R is a burst handgun that can deal with enemies when they get up close and personal, covering short ranges where the RPK doesn’t excel as well.

Then, for equipment, you can’t go wrong with a classic Frag Grenade, as this device is deadly when thrown on capture zones or payloads, especially when cooked.

Best Faction for RPK-74 class

The Phantoms is the best Faction for the RPK-74 class in XDefiant, as it acts as the tank. LMGs are heavy, so mobility isn’t the strongest suit when using the RPK. Phantoms have extra health and abilities such as the Mag Barrier, Blitz Shield, and Aegis Ultra, which are all great for blocking incoming damage, allowing you to post up and take shots.

How to unlock RPK-74 in XDefiant

To unlock the RPK-74 in XDefiant, you need to deal 10,000 damage with LMGs

The best way to get this done quickly is by playing modes that let you track enemy movements a little easier – Zone Control or Escort for example. If you want to rank up the weapon fast, check out our guide on leveling up quickly and when the next Double XP event will be.

Best alternatives to RPK-74 build

The RPK-74 is by far the best LMG in XDefiant, but the M60 is the best second choice for an LMG loadout. 

You’ll start with M249, and this is a solid alternative while you’re still trying to unlock the other two. The M60 is just below the RPK-74 in terms of performance, though, so it’s a great second choice. 

The M60 has a slower rate of fire and higher damage than the RPK-74, and both have the same Aim Stability. So, it makes for a great LMG alternative to the RPK-74, especially if you can create a loadout that makes up for the fire rate difference.

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