Best L115 class build in XDefiant

Joseph Pascoulis
xdefiant l115 sniper

There’s a new Sniper in XDefiant Season 1, and it’s turning heads. If you want to take advantage of it, we’ve got the best L115 class loadout you can build.

You’ll need the optimal attachments, best Secondary, Equipment, and Faction to get the most out of the L115, which is especially great for quickscoping.

Best L115 loadout

  • Muzzle: Light Suppressor
  • Barrel: Lightweight Barrel
  • Optics: Variable Zoom Scope
  • Rear Grip: Quick Draw Grip
  • Stock: Padded

The L115 strikes a nice balance between a light quickscoping Sniper Rifle and a heavy long-range one. I like to lean into speed, so I’ve gone with the Light Suppressor and Lightweight Barrel to maintain and improve handling speeds.

The Quick Draw Grip will boost the L115’s quickscoping capabilities, with an increase in ADS time, while the Padded Stock provides some stability without any drawbacks.

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with the Variable Zoom Scope, as it provides a nice long-range optic for you to take enemies on from any distance.

xdefiant l115 sniper rifle stats

Best Secondary & Equipment

When it comes to the best Secondary for the L115, the 93R is a perfect choice. Its burst fire makes it a great option for close-range fights, which is where the Sniper doesn’t perform too well.

As for Equipment, you’ll want a Proximity Mine, as you want to hold angles and sections of a map with the L115. The mine will keep certain flanks and lanes covered and give you intel on when you’re being pushed.


I like running the Libertad Faction with the L115, as the health-focused abilities allow me to get in and out of fights with ease.

The BioVida Boost is perfect for this, as you can quickly pop it to gain health back after a tough fight, while the Medico Supremo Ultra lets you stand your ground and take on enemies while gaining a massive health boost.

How to unlock L115

You can unlock the L115 in XDefiant by reaching Tier 50 of the Season 1 Battle Pass. As long as you play consistently you should reach this Tier in decent time.

We don’t yet know how players will be able to unlock the Sniper once the Battle Pass ends, but the devs have revealed that they will let those who miss out on the new weapons unlock them through a different method.

Best alternatives

If you’re yet to unlock the L115 but want a similar Sniper to dominate lobbies with, the TAC-50 is a great choice. However, the M44 is your pick if you prefer something with more speed that you can quickscope with.

Pair this Sniper with the best controller and audio settings, and you’ll be dominating lanes in Ranked Play.