Best M249 class build in XDefiant

Aakash Regmi
M249 in XDefiant

If you’re looking for the best M249 loadout in XDefiant, here are the best attachments, Faction, and more to use with the LMG. 

While LMG weapon class is generally not the first pick over SMGs or ARs in any shooter, they’re still a solid choice in XDefiant and can dominate mid to long-range encounters. The M249 is versatile, as you can build it to be more mobility-focused or to shoot like a tank. 

All that said, here are the attachments we recommend running to build the best M249 LMG in XDefiant.

Best XDefiant M249 build attachments

  • Barrel: Chrome Lined – Unlocked at Level 21
  • Front Rail: PEQ-15 – Unlocked at Level 32
  • Optics: Reflex – Unlocked at Level 2
  • Rear Grip: Grip Tape – Unlocked at Level 22
  • Stock: Lightweight Stock – Unlocked at Level 40

This is the best M249 build in XDefiant for all-round performance with high accuracy across all ranges. It all starts with the Chrome Lined barrel that’ll boost the LMG’s close and medium-range damage. Assisting it to stay competitive in close range is the PEQ-15 laser, allowing you to gun down enemies that are close to you without having to ADS. 

The M249 doesn’t have too much recoil and is perfectly manageable, and whatever it has, having Grip Tape in the Rear Grip slot smoothes it out even more. So, you can reliably beam at a good distance with this class build.

For the Stock, you can either go with Lightweight Stock or Folded, both will make the movement much faster, but we’ve opted for the Lightweight. And, finally, the Reflex sight will help you in medium to long-range duels. It is arguably the best sight in the game because of how clean it is, and it doesn’t take too long to unlock either.

MP249 in XDefiant
Although reliable, LMGs aren’t at the top of the meta charts currently in XDefiant.

Best secondary & equipment for M249 class in XDefiant

The best secondary for the M249 class is the D50, with its reliable range, predictable recoil, and heavy damage, this gun can decimate opponents up to 30 meters away and is the perfect combo for this build.

Equipped with a Red Dot Sight and Heavy Grip, the D50 can scope opponents from a distance and can reach them where the M249 bullets lose effectiveness.

Complete this build with the EMP Grenade to break away Mag Barriers and El Remedio abilities, which can counter the suppressing fire from the M249.

Best Faction for M249 class in XDefiant

The best Faction to use the M249 with in XDefiant is Phantoms.

Phantoms are the defensive class with abilities like Mag Barrier, so you can shield up and hold the lane with the M249. Their Ultra also allows for closed-quarters combat, and you can push for the objective like Escort. Plus, an increase in health is always useful as well, whether you’re using M249 to hold a lane or run around.

Alternatively, you could go for Libertad as their healing will be valuable, in both holding a lane or running around with M249.

How to unlock M249 in XDefiant

The M249 in XDefiant is available right from the get-go, as it is one of the base LMG unlocks. Which means you don’t have to worry about any challenges. 

To unlock this M249 full build, you’ll need to level up your weapon up to level 40. You can take advantage of the Double XP events or read our guide to level it up faster.

Best XDefiant alternatives to M249 build

If you’re looking for other LMG alternatives for the M249 in XDefiant, from the available build options, the M60 will be the best pick. If you want to switch weapon classes and try something different, the ACR is another pick for mid to long-range combat.

That’s everything about the best attachments and build for the M2499 in XDefiant.

Outside of the right weapons, there are plenty of other factors to consider in order to dominate lobbies. So, make sure to check out our guides on the best PC settings, controller settings, and Factions for XDefiant.

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