Best 686 Magnum class build in XDefiant

Lucas Simons
Best 686 Magnum build XDefiant

In XDefiant, the 686 Magnum is a heavy revolver with incredible stopping power. To turn this beast into the ultimate killing machine, here’s the best 686 Magnum loadout to use in XDefiant.

In XDefiant there are a lot of weapons to pick from, but the 686 Magnum excels at cutting down your opponent’s HP at an incredible speed. With a couple of well-targeted body shots or a single headshot, your enemies will be blown away.

Here’s the best 686 Magnum build to outclass and outgun your XDefiant rivals with ease.

Best XDefiant 686 Magnum build attachments

  • Muzzle: Compensator
  • Optics: Red Dot Sight
  • Rear Grip: Quick Draw

This high-precision build for the 686 Magnum in XDefiant includes a Compensator, which provides the highest buff to vertical recoil control. When I use a loadout for Escort or Domination, I want to have this powerful 686 Magnum build in my hands because it’s a great weapon to have in a pinch.

Complete this build with the Red Dot Sight, an ideal revolver scope for eliminating targets. Finally, the Quick Draw Grip is a standard for quickly swapping weapons in the middle of a heated bullet exchange and will ensure you always have the upper hand in XDefiant matches.

686 Magnum XDefiant
The 686 Magnum build is your best choice to hold your ground in any XDefiant game mode.

Best Primary & Equipment for 686 Magnum class in XDefiant

The best Primary weapon for this 686 Magnum class is the M249. Pair that up with a Flashbang Grenade as your Equipment, and you’ll be ready to storm in and decimate groups of enemies.

The power and range of the 686 Magnum pair really well with the suppression fire of the M249, which can totally pin down opponents trying to take Zones or defending positions during Escort.

The Flashbang Grenade is your first step to racking up some serious multi-kills, and when you combine it with the power of the 686 Magnum revolver, you’ll be unstoppable.

Best Faction for 686 Magnum class in XDefiant

The best XDefiant Faction to play with a 686 Magnum in your build is the Libertad. This Faction has access to several important support abilities, such as BioVida Boost, El Remedio, and Medico Supremo. These abilities along with their passive, make Libertad the Faction with the highest survival rate. This also means you have a longer time to aim and shoot down your enemies with the 686 Magnum.

Meanwhile, Phantoms have increased survivability, which combines well with the 686 Magnum’s stopping power.

How to unlock 686 Magnum in XDefiant

To unlock the 686 Magnum in XDefiant, you need to complete its challenge by getting 5 Quick-Swap kills.

You can accomplish this by targeting opponents with your Primary weapon and then swapping and delivering the finishing blow with your Secondary.

Best XDefiant alternatives to 686 Magnum build

Other alternatives for the 686 Magnum in XDefiant include the powerful and reliable D50, with unparalleled damage and precision among all the weapons in its class.

But if you’re looking for a lighter build, then perhaps the M9 is for you, a light Handgun that’s for a stealthy build.

That’s all you need to know about the 686 Magnum in XDefiant, with all the required attachments to turn this weapon into a force to be reckoned with. If you want to level up your weapons faster, you can always take advantage of the XDefiant Double XP event, or follow these tips to improve your gameplay.

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