Best MDR class build in XDefiant

Amitesh Dhar
XDefiant MDR build

The MDR is a powerful Assault Rifle that you will come across in XDefiant, so here’s the best loadout that you should use with this weapon, as well as the ideal Faction and more.

The MDR is an Assault Rifle/SMG hybrid in XDefiant and is a sturdy choice when it comes to picking weapons with a high rate of fire. While recoil remains an issue at mid to long-range, with the right build, the weapon packs a punch.

The MDR has a higher rate of fire than the M4A1, but mastering it can be slightly challenging because of the high recoil.

So, here’s the best MDR loadout for every class build in XDefiant.

Best XDefiant MDR weapon build attachments

  • Muzzle: Barrel Extender
  • Barrel: Stealth
  • Front Rail: Small Vertical Grip
  • Rear Grip: Lightweight
  • Stock: Padded

The MDR in XDefiant is a powerful weapon with a very high rate of fire. It does quite well in the damage department too, but has a high recoil.

For the Muzzle, go with the Barrel Extender which will increase the effective range of your weapon, but will affect your recoil recovery. To compensate for this, go for the Lightweight Grip on the Rear Grip, which gives a 25% boost to your recoil recovery.

To help reduce the time to ADS and to increase your speed while moving, we’ve picked the Small Vertical Grip on the Front Rail, and the Padded Stock for a boost in aiming stability.

MDR best build attachments
You need to max out your weapon level to access all the attachments.

If you have a hard time landing your shots with the default Iron Sights of the MDR in XDefiant, you can always swap it out with the Holographic or the Recoil Sights for the Optics.

The choice of Barrel for the MDR is rather unique because the weapon isn’t intended to be stealthy, but if you use the Stealth Barrel, then you will be invisible on the minimap completely.

With this loadout, you will experience some damage fall off at longer ranges, but the weapon will work wonders in close to mid-range encounters.

Best Secondary & Equipment for MDR class

When using the best MDR loadout, it’s recommended that you go with the D50 as your Secondary weapon for this build in XDefiant. This handgun packs a punch and has the highest damage output in its class and is fairly accurate at medium range as well.

As for your Equipment, choose the Flashbang, because it will help you disorient your enemies when you’re clearing rooms in XDefiant.

Best Faction for MDR class

Libertad is the best Faction to pair with the MDR in XDefiant. Since the best MDR loadout will allow you to dominate encounters at close range, you need to have healing on demand in case you take a lot of damage, and that’s one sector where this class excels in the game.

Libertad XDefiant
The Libertad are best paired with the MDR.

This class has two activated abilities, namely the BioVida boost and the El Remedio. If you’re in a game mode where you need to capture an objective, like Domination or Zone Capture, then El Remedio is something that you should go for.

For game modes where you’re continuously on the move, then the BioVida Boost is the ability that you need to pick.

How to unlock MDR in XDefiant

To unlock the MDR in XDefiant, you will have to reach level 10 in the Preseason Battle Pass. It’s worth noting that the weapon is located in the free tier so you don’t have to purchase the premium Pass to unlock it.

In case you feel that grinding for XP is difficult, you can purchase the Battle Pass levels to get to level 10 quickly and unlock the MDR.

Best alternatives to MDR build

If you’re looking for an alternative to the best MDR loadout in XDefiant, the M16A4 loadout is something that you should try out, if you’re a fan of classic Assault Rifles. Alternatively, you can also try out the best AK47 loadout since it’s the most powerful weapon in its category.

If you’re okay with compromising a little bit of damage output with more recoil control and stability, then the ACR 6.8 build is something you should check out as well.

That sums up everything you need to know about the best MDR build in XDefiant. If you’re not comfortable with using Assault Rifles, then try out some of the best SMGs in the game like the MP5A2 or the P90, and see if that suits your playstyle.

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