Best SVD class build in XDefiant

Aakrit Sharma
SVD in XDefiant

Using the SVD in XDefiant might be a bold move considering it is not one of the top meta guns at the moment, but with this loadout that contains the best attachments, Faction, and secondary weapon choice, you should be able to wreak havoc on the battlefield.

The SVD Marksman Rifle in XDefiant is perfect for engaging in long-range combat but you’ll need the right set of attachments, Faction, and secondary weapon. Especially in modes like Escort, you can benefit from taking out opponents at a long range instead of risking your life by playing near the payload.

If you like using Marksman Rifles that deal a bit less damage but are quicker than Sniper Rifles, here’s the best SVD class build in XDefiant with the most suitable attachments, Factions, and secondary weapon for it.

Best XDefiant SVD build attachments

  • Barrel: Stealth
  • Muzzle: Barrel Extender
  • Front Rail: Tactical Grip
  • Magazine: Quick Mag
  • Rear Grip: Fabric Grip

First, the Stealth Barrel increases long and mid-range damage for the SVD in XDefiant and makes you invisible on the minimap. So, you’ll be able to make the most of several sneaky spots on the XDefiant maps from where you can easily pick kills.

There’s a minor decrease in Fire Rate and Sprint Speed but if you’re planning to engage mostly in mid and long-range combat with the SVD, Sprint Speed isn’t a huge priority.

The Barrel Extender further adds to the weapon’s damage range with a 10% decrease in Sprint to Fire Time and Recoil Recovery. Sprint to Fire Time is relevant in close encounters where you’re rushing people and that is not the purpose of the SVD.

As for recoil recovery, you get a 35% increase from the Tactical Grip. This attachment also increases the ADS Time with a slight reduction in ADS Move Speed.

The Quick Mag increases your mag size by 2 and boosts reload time by 15%. Both these buffs help you take out enemies more effectively during fast-paced matches in XDefiant.

Lastly, the Fabric Grip increases ADS time by 10% and improves aiming stability by a massive 50%. As a result, your weapon won’t sway a lot when you ADS and you should be able to spot and eliminate opponents in the open quickly.

The Reflex Sight works like a charm, but if you’re struggling to find targets, the 3x Scope or the AXOG Scope (4x) are great options depending on the map.

SVD in XDefiant
You can customize weapons in XDefiant to make them suitable for your playstyle.

Do note that not all these attachments will be available to you right away, and you’ll have to play with the SVD quite a bit to access them all. However, once you have them all, you’ll end up with an ever-reliable weapon for long-range encounters.

With this SVD class build, you’ll be able to eliminate an enemy in one shot for over 50 meters, and even the mid-range is extended to 84 meters. For times when the enemy barely has any health left but you’re running out of bullets, the secondary weapon comes into play.

Best secondary & equipment for SVD class

The D50 Pistol, a.k.a. the Desert Eagle, is the best secondary weapon you should use with the SVD in XDefiant. Its high damage output makes sure that you only need one shot to finish off an enemy hit with the SVD. On top of that, the pistol’s high fire rate is perfect for such sticky situations.

Another option for a secondary weapon is the 93R Pistol because it fires three-round bursts and all you need is one shot to finish the fight.

For equipment, both the Sticky and Frag Grenade work well with the SVD in XDefiant. Instead of pushing, you’ll mostly be using these grenades to protect yourself from incoming enemies. So, even the Proximity Mine will be a great addition to the build if you’re thinking about finding a sweet spot for sniping.

Best Faction for SVD class

Phantom is the best Faction you can pair with the SVD class in XDefiant because of the Mag Barrier that you can place in front of you at long range and easily take out opponents without cover. Even against anyone using an assault rifle or SMG, you’ll have the upper hand.

XDefiant player aiming TAC-50
The TAC-50 is XDefiant’s most powerful Sniper.

So that your playstyle isn’t solely based on long-range combat, you can also use the Faction’s Blitz Shield to push and move around without hassle. The Phantoms’ Aegis Ultra surrounds you with a shield and grants a Scattergun that can absolutely shred opponents at close range. This helps you leave the back line to play the objective when using a long range weapon like the SVD.

How to unlock SVD in XDefiant

You can unlock the SVD in XDefiant by getting 15 Longshot Kills (over 30 meters) with a Marksman Rifle. Because there are only two Marksman Rifles in the game currently, this means that you’ll have to get these kills using the MK 20 SSR.

With a solid weapon like the SVD at your disposal, you should aim to level it up quickly through events like Double XP.

Best alternatives to SVD build

The best alternative to the SVD in XDefiant is the MK 20 SSR Marksman Rifle, which you get by default in the game. It is quicker but has low damage output so you’ll have to adjust your loadout accordingly.

In other weapon categories though, there are powerful Assault Rifles like the ACR 6.8 which excels in all combat ranges. If you want more damage output, use a proper Sniper Rifle like the TAC-50 and M44.

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