All XDefiant weapons & how to unlock them: Assault Rifles, Snipers, more

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XDefiant launched on May 21 with 24 weapons for players to unlock and play with. So, here’s every weapon in XDefiant and what you need to do to unlock them.

XDefiant is free-to-play, but you still need to put in considerable time to unlock every weapon the game has available. Each weapon has a different challenge, ranging from headshot kills to damage, but thankfully you have some starter weapons to get these challenges done right off the bat. 

So, if you want to know all the weapons available in XDefiant and how to unlock them, here’s everything you need to know.

How to unlock all Assault Rifles in XDefiant

There are five Assault Rifles in XDefiant, and here is how to unlock them all:

WeaponHow to unlock
M4A1Available immediately
M16A4Get 20 Assault Rifle Headshot Kills
Ak-47Do 4,000 damage with Assault Rifles
MDRUnlocked for free at Level 10 of the Battle Pass
ACR 6.8Get 10 Assault Rifle Longshot Kills (30m)

The best Assault Rifle in the game right now is the ACR 6.8. It’s the best all-rounder in the preseason – with damage, range, and accuracy stats that quite significantly tower over the other options.

How to unlock all SMGs in XDefiant

XDefiant has four SMGs up for grabs at the moment, and here is how to unlock all of them:

WeaponHow to unlock
MP5A2Available immediately
Vector .45 ACPDo 10,000 damage with SMGs
P90Get 10 SMG Hipfire Kills
MP7 Get 10 SMG Point-Blank Kills

For the preseason, you’d want to invest in getting your hands on the MP7 as soon as you can, as it’s the best SMG in the game. While the Vector has slightly higher damage, the MP7’s accuracy and stability is unmatched.

How to unlock all LMGs in XDefiant

There are three LMGs in XDefiant’s preseason, and here is how you can unlock them:

WeaponHow to unlock
M249Available immediately
RPK-74Deal 10,000 damage with LMGs
M60Do 5,000 damage to enemy equipment with an LMG

While LMGs are in a weaker spot than ARs or SMGs in the preseason, you’ll want to invest in getting the RPK-74 if LMGs are your weapon of choice. It’s the best LMG in the game right now, outperforming the M60 by quite a distance.

ACR-68 Assault Rifle in XDefiant
The ACR 6.8 is the best weapon in XDefiant.

How to unlock all Marksman Rifles in XDefiant

Only two Marksman Rifles are in XDefiant right now, and here is how to unlock them:

WeaponHow to unlock
MK 20 SSRAvailable immediately
SVDGet 15 Longshot Marksman Rifle Kills (30m)

Marksman Rifles are a nice substitute if you’re looking for long-range capabilities without having to pick up a Sniper. The SVD is the best pick among Marksman Rifles right now, so make sure you invest in unlocking it if you want a weapon with good long-range damage in your loadout.

How to unlock all Sniper Rifles in XDefiant

Like Marksman Rifles, there are also only two Sniper Rifles up for grabs in XDefiant. Here is how to unlock them:

WeaponHow to unlock
M44Available immediately
TAC-50Get 10 One-Shot Kills with Sniper Rifles

The M44 is what you’ll primarily use to unlock the TAC-50, so make sure you have the best loadout available for it. Specifically, using a Light Suppressor will allow you to be less detectable on the minimap, making it easier to pick off enemies from a distance.

How to unlock all Shotguns in XDefiant

There are three Shotguns to unlock in XDefiant, and here is how you can get your hands on them:

WeaponHow to unlock
M870Available immediately
Double BarrelGet 10 Hipfire Kills with Shotguns
AA-12Get 15 Point-Blank Kills with Shotguns

SMGs and ARs are king in XDefiant right now, but if you’re looking for the classic high-risk high-reward playstyle Shotguns offer, you’ll want to invest in unlocking the Double Barrel as soon as you can.

How to unlock all Handguns in XDefiant

With five options to choose from, Handguns are one of the larger weapon pools in XDefiant. Here is how to unlock them all:

WeaponHow to unlock
M9Available immediately
686 MagnumGet 5 Quick-Swap Kills
M1911Get 4 Secondary Weapon Point-Blank Kills
D50Deal 1,000 damage with a Secondary Weapon
93RSprint for 240 seconds with a Secondary Weapon

Handguns are possibly the weakest weapons in XDefiant, but the M9 can pack a punch that outguns even some Shotguns if you’re looking for a great Secondary option. Plus, it’s available immediately, so you don’t have to work much to get it.

XDefiant is brand new, and with the official ranked season just around the corner, we are sure to see some interesting meta changes coming. In the future, Ubisoft will also likely add more guns to use, so be sure to keep an eye on this page to check how you can unlock them.

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