How to complete XDefiant Challenges: All objectives & rewards

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XDefiant Characters

Once you jump into XDefiant you will notice that some weapons, characters, and factions are locked behind Challenges. On that note, check out everything you need to know about Base, Major, and Daily Challenges in XDefiant.

XDefiant arrived on May 21, and since then, players have been able to jump into the game and start grinding the Preseason Battle Pass. However, in addition to entertaining game modes and an interesting arsenal of weapons, XDefiant features a Challenges system. But what is it all about?

Check out everything you need to know about Challenges in XDefiant.

What are Challenges in XDefiant?

Challenges are objectives for players to complete in XDefiant. These can be of three types: Major, Base, and Dailies. By completing these Challenges, players can get XP to grind the Battle Pass and unlock weapons, factions, characters, and more.

All Major Challenges in XDefiant

As of now, there is only one Major Challenge in XDefiant. If you manage to complete it, you’ll unlock the DedSec faction from the Watchdogs 2 universe.

Here are the requirements you need to meet to complete this Major Challenge.

Earn 700,000 XPDedSec faction
DedSec's Major Challenge in XDefiant
Complete the DedSec Major Challenge to unlock the WatchDogs 2 faction in XDefiant.

All Base Challenges in XDefiant

In XDefiant, Base Challenges are used to unlock weapons, devices, and faction characters. Check out all the Base Challenges available in XDefiant:


AK-47Deal 4,000 damage with Assault Rifles
ACR 6.8Get 10 Assault Rifle longshot kills (+30m)
M16A4Get 20 Assault Rifle headshot kills
P90Get 10 hipfire kills
Vector .45 ACPDeal 10,000 damage with SMGs
MP7 Get 20 SMG point-blank kills (-5m)
M60Deal 5,000 damage to enemy equipment with LMGs
RPK-74Deal 10,000 damage with LMGs
Double BarrelGet 10 Shotgun hipfire kills
AA-12Get 15 Shotgun point-blank kills (-5m)
SVDGet 15 Marksman Rifle longshot kills (+30m)
TAC-50Get 10 Sniper Rifle one-shot kills
93RSprint 240 seconds with Secondary Weapons
D50Deal 1,000 damage with Secondary Weapons
M1911Get 4 Secondary Weapons point-blank kills (-5m)
686 MagnumGet 5 quick-swap kills


EMP GrenadeDeal 400 damage to enemy equipment with Devices
Proximity MineDeal 1,000 damage with Devices
Flashbang GrenadeKill 20 enemies suffering from status conditions
Sticky GrenadeInflict 25 status conditions with devices

Faction Characters

Green (Cleaners)Get 50 kills with Incinerator Drone
Kersey (Cleaners)Get 50 kills with Firebomb
Samir (Echelon)Get 100 kills while using Digital Ghillie Suit
Rafa (Echelon)Get 50 Intel Suit spot assists
Beto (Libertad)Heal 5,000 to allies with BioVida Boost
Seleste (Libertad)Heal 5,000 to allies with El Remedio
Gorgon (Phantoms)Block 10,000 damage with Mad Barrier
Rhino (Phantoms)Get 25 kills with Blitz Shield

Daily Challenges in XDefiant

Finally, the daily challenges as its name suggests are daily objectives to complete within 24 hours, once expired new challenges will arrive in XDefiant. Once you complete a Daily Challenge you’ll earn a bunch of XP to grind your account level in XDefiant.

All in all, that’s everything you need to know about XDefiant Challenges. We’ll make sure to update this page once Ubisoft introduce new objectives to complete.

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