XDefiant Season 1 Battle Pass rewards & price

Franco Diaz

XDefiant Season 1 is finally here and alongside the new maps, weapons, and Faction, you get to progress through a brand new Battle Pass.

While most of the rewards are restricted to the premium version, you can still progress through the different levels and unlock some free rewards like the Sawed-Off Shotgun and the L115 Sniper Rifle.

Season 1 Battle Pass start & end date

The XDefiant Season 1 Battle Pass started on July 2 and is scheduled to end on September 24. Over these three months, you will be able to grind through 90 levels and earn some cool-looking cosmetic rewards for yourself.


The Season 1 Battle Pass will cost you 700 XCoins which is similar to the pre-season one. In case you don’t have the XCoins, you can purchase the smallest bundle in the store i.e. 1,000 XCoins for $9.99, and then use it to purchase the Battle Pass.

Alternatively, if you’ve played extensively during the pre-season and you owned the Battle Pass, then you should have enough coins to purchase the one for Season 1.

All rewards

There are 10 pages worth of rewards in total, and when you purchase the Battle Pass, you’ll receive immediate access to four cosmetics, including a weapon and an operator skin.

Page 1

XDefiant Battle Pass Page 1
  • Wild Card Rafa Skin
  • Wild Card 686 Magnum Skin
  • Wild Card Player Card
  • Battle Pass XP Booster
  • Gambit Emoji Pack
  • Cobalt M4A1 Skin
  • Weapon XP Booster
  • Brite Side Kersey Skin
  • 100 XCoins
  • Confidence Game Animation

Page 2

XDefiant Battle Pass Page 2
  • Morganite MK 20 SSR Skin
  • Battle Pass XP Booster
  • Amber MP5A2 Skin
  • Art Deco P90 Skin
  • Echelon Emoji Pack
  • Weapon XP Booster
  • Dungaree Seleste Skin
  • Sticker Shock Player Card
  • Violet M44 Skin
  • 100 XCoins

Page 3

XDefiant Battle Pass Page 3
You need to hit level 20 to access the LVOA-C.
  • Avalanche M870 Skin
  • Battle Pass XP Booster
  • Carbon Fiber Rhino Skin
  • Thunderbolt Stark Skin
  • LVOA-C
  • Weapon XP Booster
  • Big Flex Animation
  • Burnt Umber Rafa Skin
  • 100 XCoins
  • Disruption AK-47 Skin

Page 4

XDefiant Battle Pass Page 4
  • Punch MDR Skin
  • Battle Pass XP Booster
  • Ravenskeep Player Card
  • Eruption P90 Skin
  • Good Catch Animation
  • 100 XCoins
  • Ember AA-12 Skin
  • 100 XCoins
  • Skeletonized Dragon SVD Skin
  • Weapon XP Booster

Page 5

XDefiant Battle Pass Page 5
  • Combat Casual Kaptan Skin
  • Battle Pass XP Booster
  • Morganite M60 Skin
  • Spectra Iselda Skin
  • X-ray Player Card
  • Weapon XP Booster
  • Shamrock RPK-74 Skin
  • Hi-Velocity Stark Skin
  • Phantoms Emoji Pack
  • 100 Xcoins

Page 6

XDefiant Battle Pass Page 6
The L115 Sniper can be unlocked by hitting level 50.
  • Ember SVD Skin
  • Battle Pass XP Booster
  • Carbon Fiber Gorgon Skin
  • Power Nap Animation
  • L115
  • Weapon XP Booster
  • I.S.A.C. Emoji Pack
  • Midnight Velocity M16A4 Skin
  • 100 XCoins
  • Shamrock M9 Skin

Page 7

XDefiant Battle Pass Page 7
  • Combat Casual Iselda Skin
  • Battle Pass XP Booster
  • Eruption LVOA-C Skin
  • Power Washer ACR 6.8 Skin
  • Blowin’ Up Animation
  • 100 XCoins
  • Morganite TAC-50 Skin
  • Tacticool Krieger Skin
  • Weapon XP Booster
  • Sketchy Emoji Pack

Page 8

XDefiant Battle Pass Page 8
  • TNT Player Card
  • Battle Pass XP Booster
  • Spectra Kaptan Skin
  • Bonehead Emoji Pack
  • Brite Side Player Card
  • 100 XCoins
  • Brite Side Gia Skin
  • Weapon XP Booster
  • Violet M16A4 Skin
  • 100 XCoins

Page 9

XDefiant Battle Pass Page 9
The Sawed-Off Shotgun is the last weapon that you can unlock through the Battle Pass.
  • Quick Draw Player Animation
  • Battle Pass XP Booster
  • Combat Casual Stark
  • 100 XCoins
  • Sawed-Off Shotgun
  • Weapon XP Booster
  • Disruption L115 Skin
  • Wild Card Kaptan Skin
  • 100 XCoins
  • Wild Card M4A1 Skin

Page 10

XDefiant Battle Pass Page 10
  • Weapon XP Booster
  • Pelagic Sawed-Off Shotgun Skin
  • 100 XCoins
  • Spectra TAC-50 Skin
  • Spectra Green Skin

As you make your way through the different levels in the XDefiant Battle Pass, be sure to use the best build for the LVOA-C Assault Rifle and the L115 Sniper if you’re looking to rise to the top of the Ranked mode.