You can solo two powerful Pokemon Go Mega Raids but there’s strict requirements to meet

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go mega evolution raid

Pokemon Go has announced its May 2024 content with exciting Raid Bosses, and a couple of popular Mega Raid battles can be soloed as long as some particular conditions are met.

With each month getting close to Go Fest 2024, Pokemon Go has set the stage for a thrilling May, with debuting Ultra Beasts like Blacephalon and Stakataka, exciting Megas and Legendaries in Raids, and several Pokemon to catch.

The schedule for the Mega Raids in May includes several Mega-evolved forms of Kanto species like Gyarados, Alakazam, and Pidgeot. While all three are viable in the meta, Mega Alakazam and Mega Pidgeot are highly sought-after, and you can actually solo these two Raid Bosses.

Mega Raids are basically 4-Star battles and soloing them is a nightmare for many trainers. These two classic Pokemon have tremendous Attack stats and damage output, but they have an area to exploit: their bulk.

While not as low as you would desire, these Megas can be beaten solo if you use high-level counters with excellent Attack stats that also get their offenses boosted by in-game weather. The Psychic-type Mega Alakazam is weak to Bug, Dark, and Ghost types. Bug Pokemon are generally weak due to underwhelming moves, so you should resort to using powerful Dark and Ghost types in Fog weather.

Note that Ghost types usually have low bulk but high Attack, while Dark types are better at taking hits. So, with counters like Mega Tyranitar, Hydreigon, Chandelure, and Giratina Origin in tow, you can get the job done solo. This gets simpler if Mega Alakazam has Psycho Cut and Fire Punch as its Raid moves.

On the other hand, the Normal/Flying-type Mega Pidgeot is bulkier but getting favorable weather for it is more common. It’s weak to Rock, Electric, and Ice-type moves, so Mega Tyranitar with Rock-type moves and, regular and Shadow Rampardos in Partly Cloudy weather or Thundurus Therian and Zekrom in Rainy weather will do the trick.

These soloable Raids were highlighted by user ‘rwaterbender’ in a Reddit post, where they also suggested trying to solo Blacephalon, even though they admitted it could be extremely difficult.

They wrote, “Blacephalon is an extremely difficult solo, if it is even possible. After running sims, I am fairly convinced it’s not impossible in theory. On the other hand, you probably need a primal and 5 (at least 4) shadow Kyogre.”

The OP also confirmed that Mega Alakazam is a “moveset-dependent raid” while Mega Pidgeot inclines towards the right weather, Partly Cloudy or Rainy, with Shadow Mamoswine being great in the rare Snow weather.

Doing solo Raids is a quick way to hunt for Shundos in Pokemon Go as you don’t have to worry about forming groups. For other Raids that cannot be soloed, using the Party Play feature can boost damage from all players.

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