All Electric-type Pokemon weaknesses & resistances

Ezequiel Leis
Four Electric-type Pokemon in a Scarlet and Violet backgroundThe Pokemon Company

Electric-type Pokemon are extremely popular among fans thanks to the iconic Pikachu, but they can also be extremely challenging to beat for unprepared trainers. Here’s all you need to know about Electric-type Pokemon, including their weaknesses and resistances.

Among the 18 different Pokemon types, Electric-type species are some of the most desired additions to the teams of trainers as they are not just popular but also known to be strong in battle.

Regardless of what Pokemon game you play, Electric types are always relevant and it is a great idea to know about their weaknesses and resistances to earn yourself an advantage in your gameplay.

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So without any further ado, here are all the details about Electric-type Pokemon weaknesses and resistances.

What are Electric-type Pokemon?

Electric-type Pokemon often have a lot of yellow in their designs since it’s the color of lightning in Pokemon games and anime. They can also have electricity-related names like Wattrel, Eelektrik, or Bliztle, among many others.

Electric-type Pokemon are tied with Normal types for having the fewest weaknesses, making it tough to exploit type effectiveness in battles. There’s usually at least one Electric-type specialist in mainline Pokemon games.

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electric-type pokemon rotom in the animeThe Pokemon Company
Rotom is an Electric/Ghost-type Pokemon that can possess appliances to change its secondary type.

All Electric-type Pokemon weaknesses

Electric-type Pokemon are only weak against Ground-type moves. Since it’s their only weakness, you should pick Ground-type Pokemon that know Ground-type attacks to gain STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus). Also, Ground types are immune to Electric-type moves, so you should be safe.

Keep in mind that any Electric-type Pokemon with the Levitate Ability, the Air Balloon held item, or those who use moves like Magnet Rise or Telekinesis will be immune to Ground-type attacks.

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Electric-type attacks aren’t very effective against other Electric-type Pokemon as well as Grass and Dragon types. Relying on these species with Ground-type attacks is a good strategy, but keep in mind that some Electric-type Pokemon are dual types with different weaknesses and resistances.

All Electric-type Pokemon resistances

Electric-type Pokemon can resist Flying, Steel, and Electric-type moves. From Gen 6 onward, Electric-type Pokemon can’t get paralyzed.

While Ground-type Pokemon are the best pick to fight an Electric-type, keep in mind that there are many dual types. Electric has been paired with every other type in the franchise, so you might have to take different weaknesses and resistances into account.

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