All Bug-type Pokemon weaknesses & resistances

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Four Bug-type Pokemon in a Scarlet and Violet background

Bug-type Pokemon are the fastest species to grow and reach their maximum potential and can be great team members once they evolve into their final forms. Here’s all you need to know about Bug-type Pokemon, including their weaknesses and resistances.

Bug-type Pokemon are usually the stars of the early game in Pokemon adventures thanks to many wild creatures, specialized trainers, and Gym Leaders. They don’t pose a big threat but can be really powerful after evolving.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Bug-type Pokemon weaknesses and resistances to defeat them easily in any Pokemon game.

What are Bug-type Pokemon?

Bug-type Pokemon usually look like real-life insects, so they’re very easy to spot. They also might share some features with Grass and Poison-type Pokemon, which can lead to some mistakes in battle.

On average, Bug-type Pokemon have the lowest base HP and Sp. Attack stats of all types, so they’re usually not anyone’s favorite. Bug-type is the only type without a Legendary Pokemon in their ranks and is one of the most resisted types in the whole franchise. There are no dual-type Pokemon that pair Bug with Dragon or Normal yet.

In Gen 1, Bug-type attacks were super-effective against Poison-type Pokemon and vice versa, which was the only time that occurred in the franchise before it eventually changed. From Gen 2 onward, Bug and Fighting types resisted each other.

Butterfree in Pokemon anime
A lot of Bug-type Pokemon have three-staged evolutionary lines.

All Bug-type Pokemon weaknesses

Bug-type Pokemon are weak against Fire, Flying, and Rock-type attacks. These three categories can take a Bug-type Pokemon with ease, so you should rely on those.

It’s also important to note that Bug-type attacks can be resisted by Fairy, Fire, Fighting, Flying, Ghost, Poison, and Steel-type Pokemon.

All Bug-type Pokemon resistances

Bug-type Pokemon can resist Fighting, Ground, and Grass-type moves. They’re also super-effective against Dark, Grass, and Psychic-type Pokemon, so you should avoid bringing any of these to battle.

Many Bug-type Pokemon are dual types, so keep that in mind when strategizing. For example, the dual Bug and Flying-type is very common and adds weaknesses to Electric and Ice-type moves, resistance to Bug-type attacks, immunity to Ground-type moves, and it doubles the weakness against Rock-type attacks.

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