Pokemon Go teases return of most powerful Legendary in Raids

Niladri Sarkar
legendary mega rayquaza appearing from space in pokemon go

The one-and-only Mega Rayqyaza is coming to Pokemon Go sooner than expected, thanks to a teaser discovered by an eagle-eyed player.

Mega Rayquaza is the undisputed best attacker in Pokemon Go, boasting unreal stats unlike any other Pokemon in the mobile game. Now, devs Niantic have hinted at its return to Raids, giving you another crack at getting this iconic Dragon/Flying type.

The speculation began when Reddit user ‘Fillain’ posted about the teaser and wrote, “Saw someone post this image found on the Google Play Store. Looks like we may get Mega Rayquaza for the raid day on 29th.”

The post immediately caught the attention of several Pokemon Go players, who added their two cents in the comments section.

“It would make sense for us to get a Mega Rayquaza Raid Day after we got ones for Primal Groudon/Kyogre, Rayquaza is supposed to keep those two in check,” a player mentioned before another added: “Rumours are saying we might get Mega Rayquaza after go fest’s hours are over.”

Others highlighted that the Go Fest 2024 bit makes sense since Necrozma, a Legendary debuting in the grand event, is also featured in the image.

You should know that Mega-evolving Rayquaza not only requires Mega Energy, but also an item called Meteorite that teaches it the Charged Move Dragon Ascent.

This prompted a trainer to remark, “Hopefully, Niantic give us another free meteorite in a special research (not a timed one) in order for us to teach it Dragon Ascent in order to Mega Evolve 1 Rayquaza for the first time 400 mega energy.”

Other fans believed that the OP Legendary may not arrive in Go Fest, but rather a Raid Day event in June, similar to Primal Groudon and Kyogre in April.

Regarding the other Pokemon, Ponyta, Lapras, and Elekid in the image, players pointed out that these three were part of the costumed Team Leader event which also included their shinies.

While you wait for confirmation on Mega Rayquaza’s return to Pokemon Go, check out how to get other powerful Legendaries like the Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings fusions of Necrozma in Go Fest 2024.