All Rock-type Pokemon weaknesses & resistances

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Four Rock-type Pokemon in a Scarlet and Violet background

Rock-type Pokemon might seem intimidating with their sturdy defenses and powerful attacks, but they’ve got their share of weak spots, too. This guide has everything you need to know about Rock-type Pokemon, including their weaknesses and resistances so you can outsmart them in battle.

Rock-type Pokemon can take a ton of damage and be tough to beat thanks to their durability, but they’re also very dangerous thanks to a lot of powerful attacks in their movesets. Luckily, as with any other Pokemon type, Rock types have weaknesses trainers can exploit.

We’ll go through everything you need to know about Rock-type Pokemon weaknesses and resistances to have the upper hand in any battle.

What are Rock-type Pokemon?

Most Rock-type Pokemon can be distinguished because they look like actual rocks or have a rock-related name. There are some Rock-type Pokemon that don’t fit those criteria and might be confused for Ground-type Pokemon, which is very dangerous. There are also a lot of prehistoric-themed Rock-type Pokemon.

Rock types have the most weaknesses of any type, with five in total. This number is shared only with Grass-type Pokemon. On average, Rock-type Pokemon have the lowest Speed stat of all types, but they balance things out with high Defense and Sp. Defense stats.

There weren’t many pure Rock-type Pokemon at the beginning of the franchise, which means that most Rock types are dual types. In fact, the first pure Rock-type Pokemon was Sudowoodo, introduced in Gen 2.

Sudowoodo in Pokemon anime
Sudowoodo is the first pure Rock-type Pokemon in the franchise.

All Rock-type Pokemon weaknesses

Rock-type Pokemon are weak against Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground, and Steel-type moves. When battling a Rock type, you can’t go wrong with these choices.

This means that players who choose the Water or Grass-type starter in a Pokemon game won’t have much trouble battling a Rock-type Pokemon. Keep in mind that a lot of Rock-type Pokemon are dual types, which might change their weaknesses and resistances.

All Rock-type Pokemon resistances

Rock-type Pokemon can resist damage from Fire, Flying, Normal, and Poison-type attacks. Rock-type moves are also super-effective against Fire, Flying, Bug, and Ice-type Pokemon, adding another type you should avoid in battle.

As we mentioned, many Rock-type Pokemon are dual types, and you should keep that in mind when preparing for battle. But being one of the types with the most weaknesses in the Pokemon franchise, it also means that most pairings have at least four weaknesses players can exploit.

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