Pokemon Go Fest is the perfect time to shiny hunt with tons of soloable Raids

Niladri Sarkar
pokmon go july raid boss guzzlord's shiny in the anime

July 2024 promises to be an exciting month for Pokemon Go as it features more 5-Star Raids and Megas than ever before. But, the best part is that you can solo many of them and grab plenty of shinies quickly!

These soloable Raids include meta-relevant Pokemon such as Guzzlord, Pheromosa, Kartana, Buzzwole, and the iconic Mega Swampert. All of these species have double weaknesses and shiny odds of just 1/64.

While Guzzlord and Pheromosa are easy to beat thanks to their low Defense stats, others require a little bit of strategy to get the job done.

Reddit user ‘rwaterbender’ highlighted the July 2024 Raids you can solo without effort as well as the ones that need in-game weather boosts to be easier to beat.

A player said, “I’m delighted at how many soloable Raid Bosses there will be, especially since one of the easiest and most useful, Swampert (finally!) is included.” Strong Grass-type counters like Kartana and Mega Sceptile in Sunny in-game weather are all you need to beat it.

Raids headlined by Mega Swampert and the soloable Ultra Beasts (UBs) coincide with the Go Fest 2024 celebrations, giving the community another reason to be thrilled about the event.

A trainer added that Beast Balls being available for catching UBs from Raids should make the battle a “breeze.” Note that Beast Balls, unlike the usual Premier Balls, have a higher catch rate so players can make quick work of these Bosses.

Buzzwole and Kartana have decent bulk unlike other UBs, so it’s best to solo them during Windy and Sunny weather when their premier counters, Flying and Fire types, have their damage boosted.

Remember that Mega Swampert, Pheromosa, Buzzwole, and Kartana are all top-tier Raid attackers, while Guzzlord is a monster in the Go Battle League, particularly the Great League.