All Flying-type Pokemon weaknesses & resistances

Ezequiel Leis
Flying-type Pokemon.The Pokemon Company

Flying-type Pokemon are one of the most common types of Pokemon in the franchise, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to take on. Here’s everything you need to know about Pokemon’s Flying-type, including weaknesses and resistances.

Flying-type Pokemon are very popular and players can find them pretty much anywhere in most games. They’re great allies thanks to their strengths, but to defeat them and catch them you’ll need to be prepared for some surprises and strong attacks.

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In this article, you’ll find all you need to know about Flying-type Pokemon weaknesses, resistances, and immunities to defeat them in no time.

What are Flying-type Pokemon?

Flying-type Pokemon are the easiest to spot since they mostly have wings, feathers, and/or resemble real-life birds in designs and names. They represent more than 11% of all Pokemon in the franchise and are the fourth most common type of them all.

On average, Flying types have the highest Speed Stat of all Pokemon. They are not affected by traps, also known as entry hazards, except for Stealth Rock. However, they can’t get the benefits from terrains to balance things out.

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There are only four pure Flying-type Pokemon in the whole franchise, which means most of this category is filled with dual types. The most common pairing is Flying/Normal. An additional advantage that makes them immune to Ghost-type Pokemon.

Rookidee as we see it in the Pokemon Anime.The Pokemon Company
Rookidee is one of the most popular Flying-type Pokemon.

All Flying-type Pokemon weaknesses

Flying-type Pokemon are weak to Electric, Rock, and Ice-type moves. You should rely on these categories if you’re going to face a Flying-type Pokemon.

As we mentioned before, also keep an eye out for its dual typing, since it’ll likely have different weaknesses than pure types and dual Normal/Flying types.

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All Flying-type Pokemon resistances

Flying-type Pokemon are resistant to Fighting, Bug, and Grass-type moves. Additionally, they are completely immune to Ground-type attacks.

Again, dual typing might change some of these resistances and strengths. For example, a dual Flying and Ground-type Pokemon will get neutral damage from Grass types and be weak against Water-type damage. At the same time, it will also be immune to Electric-type damage and resistant to Poison, but it’ll have a double weakness against Ice-type moves.

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Now you’re more than ready to battle Flying-type Pokemon in any game. For more Pokemon content, be sure to check our other guides:

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