Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player spots ‘mind-blowing’ Terapagos detail ahead of DLC

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon scarlet and violet legendary terapagos figure promo image

As the Indigo Disk DLC draws closer, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans eagerly await more information on the Legendary Terapagos. Now, a player’s “clever” observation of a certain detail in the Pokemon’s design has everyone connecting the dots on its lore.

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games have garnered a huge fanbase among the Pokemon community due to their new mechanics, the Terastallization gimmick, a dynamic competitive meta, and perhaps the most important, a rich and gripping lore.

Gen 9’s lore involves Paradox Pokemon, Area Zero, and powerful Legendaries like Ogerpon, Koraidon, Miraidon, and the Loyal Three. But all of these stem from the main Legendary species of the mainline games and the DLC: Terapagos.

This mysterious Pokemon has led to several theories among fans as the gameplay has given plenty of Easter eggs and interesting events to fuel their speculations.

But even after so much being said and done, a keen-eyed trainer has discovered a detail about Terapagos that was seemingly hidden in plain sight but was “never noticed” by anyone.

Reddit user ‘OpticalProteinFiber’ shared a post that showed an image of Terapagos‘ recently revealed figure alongside a dreamcatcher, as they wrote: “Am I crazy or does Terapagos from the top-down look like a dreamcatcher?”

Screenshot of the post by 'OpticalProteinFiber' on Reddit.
Terapagos bears a striking resemblance to a dreamcatcher.

The post sparked more speculation among Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans as they lauded the OP’s observation as “clever” and remarked that they may be “on to something.”

A user wrote, “Woah, nice catch! If it is modeled after a dreamcatcher and the professor used Terapagos to help build the time machine, Terapagos was the dreamcatcher that caught the professor’s dream of Paradox Pokemon and made it a reality.”

Another added that “Pokedex entries subtly hints that they (are) products of imagination of an imagined past or future,” seemingly making the Paradox connection to Terapagos more evident.

With Terastallization themed around changing Pokemon types, one user pointed out that “perhaps Terapagos’ power somehow outwardly manifests the ‘dreams’ of Pokemon. Allowing them to change to the type they wish to be?”

pokemon scarlet an violet terapagos promo image from indigo disk dlc
Terapagos’ shell seems to indicate that it will have all Pokemon types in one.

The theory led one player to write: “My mind has just been giga blown,” as many commented that this observation “solidifies the ‘Dreams into reality’ theory,” which is detailed in the Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet books in the game.

It definitely looks like there is a lot to be uncovered in the Indigo Disk DLC and with the Pokemon franchise having a reputation for not creating designs out of sheer “coincidence,” the dreamcatcher inspiration could certainly be legitimate.

While you wait for the Indigo Disk DLC, check out details about the new Tera Type and how to change Tera Types in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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