Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players reveal biggest issue with “lazy” Gen 9 gimmick

Ezequiel Leis
Tera Mimikyu in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduced trainers to Terastallization, and while many players like the gimmick, they feel some aspects of it need tweaking.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet brought a whole new generation of creatures to the franchise while also adding many new game mechanics that benefit from its open-world elements. For the first time, players could choose the order of Gym battles while also tackling other main missions by fighting Team Star and defeating enigmatic Titan Pokemon.

What’s more, after other mainline games introduced players to Mega Evolutions and Gigantamax Pokemon, Scarlet and Violet debuted Terastallization. This gives Pokemon the chance to get a higher STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) while providing a powerful shield. What’s more, Pokemon can have a Tera Type that’s completely different to their usual typing, adding exciting elements to battles.

Terastallization was very well received by players as it can give them an edge in battle thanks to its unpredictability. However, some trainers believe the gimmick has some issues, especially regarding its looks.

Charizard Tera Raid Pokemon Scarlet Violet
Tera Raid battles are one of the main elements of Scarlet and Violet.

Reddit user ‘Plastic_Doom’ admitted they realized why they “hate” this game mechanic: “The crown just makes it look so ridiculous to me and (I know this is Pokémon) really ruins the immersion.” Terastallized Pokemon receive a big crown on their heads that shows the Tera Type they have, but the designs behind them aren’t great, according to players.

Another Reddit user commented: “I always thought the flashy hats were so someone colorblind can tell what they are terastalized into. If it was just a shiny, crystal armor it would be more difficult to just tell at a glance.” However, another trainer pointed out “They could have put the type’s symbol and/or name next to the healthbar,” if that was the case.

“I’d be ok if the hats would be more generic. I struggle to make a connection between my pokemon and a chandelier, balloons or pantheon,” stated Reddit user ‘Sumorisha’ and added: “I have much less of a problem with the globe, ghost symbol or poison symbol.”

While some trainers in the comments like the gimmick and even the crowns, others think they were rushed, like many other elements in Scarlet and Violet. “The hats aren’t just silly but bordering on hideous and imo don’t fit the rest of the game/designs at all. They don’t seem properly thought out and more like an afterthought because they ran out of time/ideas,” stated one player.

User ‘EpiCrimson’ summarized Terastallization by saying, “As a battle mechanic, it’s probably the best of all gimmicks, but it also looks the goofiest.” On the other hand, many players complained about the animations that sometimes “takes SO f**ing long” just for one attack, which makes the whole battle boring.

All in all, trainers think there are many ways to improve Terastallization, and they hope Game Freak takes notes if they plan to bring it back in future games.

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