Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans spot spooky Milotic detail in Teal Mask DLC

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon scarlet and violet teal mask dlc milotic in crystal pool location on kitakami island

In the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Teal Mask DLC journey, trainers have to battle a powerful Milotic in the Crystal Pool but a fan has found a “neat” and spooky detail about this particular Pokemon that has stunned everyone.

The Pokemon Community has been raving about the Teal Mask DLC of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as the addition offers plenty of lore, challenging battles, updated shiny graphics, and Easter eggs for an unknown Legendary species.

But fans have been on the edge of their seats to find out more about the mysterious Crystal Pool on Kitakami Island, which has connections to the Indigo Disk DLC and is known for its eerie atmosphere.

A side quest in the game makes you battle a Milotic in the Crystal Pool to bag the Crystal Cluster but it looks like there’s more than meets the eye about this particular Milotic.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fan discovers that Crystal Pool Milotic is Ghost-Tera Type in Teal Mask DLC

A Reddit post shared by user ‘Kumorrii’ highlighted a screenshot from the description of Milotic encountered at Crystal Pool in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Teal Mask DLC.

While the text gave an outline of the side quest for finding the Crystal Cluster item, the OP noted that the Milotic has ‘Ghost’ as its Tera Type in the Crystal Pool, a place where you can apparently talk to the dead.

The post sparked comments from several users as they called it a “sick detail” and felt that Milotic being tied to the story added “wonderful lore” to the DLC.

Another added how this detail was “true to the mention of ghosts at the Crystal Pool in the DLC” as it seems evident that this location will play a major role in Indigo Disk.

Players were so intrigued by the Ghost-Tera Type Milotic that they slammed the game for not making it catchable from the encounter.

A user commented: “I hate that we couldn’t catch it!” while another even went on to write: “Not allowing us to catch it was one of the biggest mistakes of this DLC.”

pokemon scarlet and violet teal mask dlc location crystal pool
The Crystal Pool is filled with Tera Crystals, just like Area Zero.

That said, the lore indications of this Milotic seemed to have been enough for some trainers as they were happy with the Pokemon being uncatchable, as one comment read, “I like uncatchable boss Pokemon for the sake of the story actually. I hope we see more.”

The storyline of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC has definitely gained a lot of praise from players as they eagerly wait for all the Tera Type mysteries to be solved in Indigo Disk.

While you wait for Indigo Disk, have a look at all new Pokemon as well as every new move, item, and ability introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Teal Mask DLC.

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