Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players reveal unknown Terapagos detail in crucial DLC cutscene

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon scarlet and violet indigo disk dlc cutscene terapagos

The Crystal Pool encounter with Professor Sada/Turo in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC has generated a lot of buzz among fans, but now, a few players have unveiled some new insights about Terapagos in the cutscene that players may not have been aware of.

After completing the Indigo Disk DLC of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players can head to the Crystal Pool in Kitakami to encounter Professor Sada/Turo through a much-talked-about cutscene triggered by Terapagos.

Funnily enough, most Pokemon fans were unaware of this important meeting with the professor and were surprised when the cutscene happened during their 6-Star Tera Raid grind at the location.

But it looks like there’s more to the infamous cutscene, as the community may have been clueless about some vital details regarding the adorable turtle Legendary and the cutscene.

A Reddit user named ‘milotic-is-pwitty’ shared a post titled: “FYI – You can take ANY Terapagos to the Crystal Pool” and mentioned that players don’t need the same Terapagos caught at the end of the Indigo Disk DLC to trigger the cutscene.

The OP further elaborated that Terapagos caught in the Pokemon Scarlet version can be used in Violet and vice versa, even if the Legendary is only there in the boxes, and not necessarily in the party.

It turns out that several Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players had no idea about this Terapagos feature and they lauded the OP for sharing the helpful detail.

“Didn’t know this was a thing, thank you!” a user wrote before another mentioned that it was “very much lore accurate.”

Others confirmed OP’s post by commenting: “My Terapagos wasn’t in my party at all when it triggered. He was in my boxes” and “Definitely need [Terapagos] in the game. Too many reports on here of people moving it to Home and the scene not triggering.”

A pretty useful comment was put in by another player: “So the checks for the scene are A) complete the Indigo Disk story. And B) a Terapagos (not necessarily yours).”

Other fans chimed in with another requirement to trigger the cutscene, and it involves more than just Terapagos. “You need Briar’s White Book + Terapagos to get the cutscene. You won’t have the book without playing the DLC,” a trainer explained

When asked how to get Briar’s White Book, the OP replied: “Complete the main story of DLC 2. After the credits roll, you’ll be in your Blueberry Dorm and the game will ask you to visit Briar in a classroom” and added: “Speak to Briar, you’ll get the book.”

These revelations about Terapagos would certainly help trainers unlock the cutscene easily, without any doubts, and enjoy the conversation with the ‘dead’ professor.

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