Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player finds strange Area Zero connection in DLC

pokemon scarlet and violet area zero image from the gameThe Pokemon Company

Area Zero is one of the most stunning parts of the Paldea region and the game is yet to reveal details about the mysteries surrounding this location. But a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player seems to have found a link to Area Zero in the Teal Mask DLC.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players had to visit the mysterious Area Zero to complete the storyline of the game. This location is home to the elusive Paradox Pokemon, is the source of Tera Crystals, and is the focus of the entire lore of the Paldea region.

The secrets of this area are the plot of the Hidden Treasures of Area Zero DLC but the Pokemon community has yet to get all the answers to their question regarding Area Zero.

While everything will be revealed in Indigo Disk, it looks like a player found a clever connection to Area Zero in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Teal Mask DLC game.

Reddit user ‘milotic-is-pwitty’ made a post about finding widespread spawns of Glimmet and Glimmora in the Crystal Pool location of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Teal Mask DLC.

The OP wrote: “This is the only common Pokemon line between Area Zero and The Crystal Pool. What are you up to, Champion Geeta?”

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Players will recall that Glimmora is the signature Pokemon of Geeta, the Champion of the Paldea region, and it can only be found inside Area Zero in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

But that’s not all because Glimmora’s petals resemble the Tera Jewels that originate in Area Zero.

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In the Teal Mask DLC, Glimmora is widely found in the Crystal Pool, leading many to speculate that the Crystal Pool is connected to Area Zero.

“OP said that it was the only common line in both areas, as in they’re the only Pokemon that both appear in Area Zero and the Crystal Pool.”

Another user added, “It’s definitely linked, just wait for part 2 of the DLC and you’ll see.”

pokemon scarlet and violet teal mask dlc crystal pool image from the gameThe Crystal Pool contains many Tera Crystals, just like Area Zero.

Fans had a lot to say about Geeta’s association with Glimmora, as one user put it, “I do think there’s something more to it.

Her whole design- person- everything about her is strange, in a sort of uncanny way. And the fact her Ace is Glimmora isn’t chosen at random. It’s equally as weird and unique and packs a lot of hidden lore by being present in Area Zero, and now at the Crystal Pool.”

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But one of the players highlighted a jaw-dropping detail about the Crystal Pool that makes the Area Zero connection more obvious.

“Not to mention, Crystal Pool music is an alt version of the formidable Area Zero theme we’re used to. It’s obviously related – Briar mentioned it explicitly, but I like the subtle details like the music and Glimmet/Glimora.”

pokemon scarlet and violet species glimmora in area zeroThe Pokemon Company
Glimmora is the only Pokemon with references to Tera Jewels in its design.

The eerie similarity between the Area Zero and the Crystal Pool themes doesn’t seem to be a coincidence and with Glimmora spawns and Tera Crystals added to the mix, there are a lot of signs indicating a relation between the two locations.

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