Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC: How to get Terapagos

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Terapagos in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The Indigo Disk DLC finally brought Legendary Pokemon Terapagos to Scarlet and Violet, and players are wondering how they can get this elusive creature. Here’s everything you need to know to catch Terapagos.

Pokemon players waited a long time for the Scarlet and Violet DLCs, and thanks to The Indigo Disk, they can now face Legendary Pokemon Terapagos. The mysterious Tera Pokemon was teased in-game through the Scarlet and Violet books but also in the Pokemon anime in 2023.

Now that players are diving into all of the new content The Indigo Disk brought, including new Paradox Pokemon and new special challenges, here’s how to catch Terapagos in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Keep in mind that this article contains spoilers for The Indigo Disk DLC.

pokemon scarlet an violet terapagos promo image from indigo disk dlc
Terapagos debuted alongside the new Stellar Tera Type.

How to catch Terapagos in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet The Indigo Disk

Catching Terapagos in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet requires you to complete The Indigo Disk’s whole storyline first. This includes beating the Elite Four and all bonus battles at Blueberry Academy. Once you do that, you’ll be tasked with returning to Area Zero, where you’ll be joined by characters you met in the DLC.

You’ll explore a new region of Area Zero, and you’ll need to tackle many Tera battles to get to Terapagos. However, once you reach the Tera Pokemon, Kieran will use a Master Ball to catch it. He will try to battle you with Normal-type Terapagos, but you should be able to counter it with ease.

Then, Terapagos will begin a transformation that threatens to destroy all of Paldea, and you’ll need to fight it before it’s too late. While the first part of the battle is easy enough, once Terapagos Terastallizes, it will become a living nightmare.

Stellar Tera Type crown in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Players need to be ready to counter many Tera Types during the battle against Terapagos.

The rest of the fight against Terapagos will develop as a Tera Raid Battle. Other characters will join you gradually to provide support while you face the Legendary creature. You’ll need to be wary of the different Tera Types it uses as well as your own Tera energy since you’ll be able to Terastallize Pokemon more than once in this battle.

Once you defeat Terapagos, you’ll get the chance to catch it and add it to your collection like in any other Tera Raid.

That’s everything you need to know to get Terapagos in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. For more on the Indigo Disk DLC, check some of our other guides:

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