Pokemon Go players shocked as record-breaking trainer hit by major hack

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go player fleeceking logo

FleeceKing is one of the world’s top Pokemon Go trainers and is extremely popular among the community. So, everyone was in shock when the trainer’s account got hacked, resulting in the loss of their prized Shundos, including their signature Pokemon.

The highest level in Pokemon Go was capped at 40 when the game was introduced in 2016, and in 2020, it was increased to level 50.

But, reaching this ultimate level is no easy task as it requires you to farm millions of Stardust and XP, catch thousands of Pokemon, take on Raids and the Go Battle League, complete Research tasks, and so much more!

Australian player FleeceKing was the first to achieve this feat and they have always been a beloved figure among fans, who love catching up with the trainer on events like Community Day or Go Fest.

So, when FleeceKing posted on the X app that their account, full of rare shinies and Shundos, was hacked, it sent shockwaves across the community.

FleeceKing retweeted the hacker’s post which showed their favorite shiny 100 IV Mareep being deleted among other Shundos, as the top trainer said that they have become an “emotional wreck.”

Several users, including well-known Pokemon Go trainers, joined the comments section to lend their support to FleeceKing, as they condemned the hacker for the “disgusting” act.

Users tagged Niantic to help restore the Guinness World Record player’s account, including the Pokemon deleted in the process.

That said, some expressed their doubts about this, as one put it, “My question. If Niantic get you your account back, can they restore the Pokemon that were deleted? This is disgusting.”

With many being curious about how the account got hacked, a few explained that the person probably used screenshots from FleeceKing’s previous posts to claim that they owned the account and ended up snatching it.

Players hoped that FleeceKing would get back this account soon, which took years of hard grinding to build, and urged trainers to be careful about their login details and screenshots from the mobile game.

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