Pokemon Go players demand better ‘protection’ for beloved shinies & Hundos

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go mythical shiny celebi

With popular Pokemon Go trainer losing all their rare Shundos to hacking, players are now desperate for an in-game option to ensure their precious catches are not deleted.

Whether it’s Pokemon Go or Scarlet and Violet, shinies are undoubtedly the most sought-after Pokemon as these special catches are extremely rare and worth flexing.

In Pokemon Go, a 100 IV shiny, also known as a Shundo, is the ultimate catch and players often spend years grinding for them.

So, when popular trainer ‘FleeceKing’ lost all their Shundos after getting their account hacked, everyone is now demanding extra in-game features to ensure they don’t meet the same fate.

Reddit user ‘PrestyRS’ shared a post asking for an option to “lock” Pokemon, making it impossible to transfer or purify Shadows accidentally, in response to what happened with FleeceKing.

Fellow players agreed with the OP’s suggestion, as they shared their concerns and mentioned the updates they’d want in the game. “I’m always so scared of powering up my PvP mons by accident, a freeze/level lock kind of thing would be soooo nice,” a trainer said.

More fans chipped in, stating they lost many meta-relevant PvP and PvE picks in Pokemon Go due to accidental transfers or their children and younger siblings deleting them.

While the game currently has tags to categorize Pokemon, trainers admitted to still being worried. “I’m afraid I will accidentally purify something or just level something up on accident. The tags aren’t enough lol.”

A user highlighted that “a simple button that would remove the powerup button and the purify button and not allowed to transfer it either” would be great to have them “protected.”

Others pointed out that this idea has been suggested many times and it remains to be seen if Niantic eventually adds it. But, hopes are high as the devs have been praised for adding several QoL updates recently.

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