Pokemon Go Field Research tasks & rewards (May 2023)

The Research Breakthrough box in Pokemon Go

If you’re interested in completing different Field Research tasks in Pokemon Go, here’s a rundown of every task available in May 2023, alongside its rewards.

Field Research is one of the most important parts of the Pokemon Go experience. Trainers can complete all sorts of tasks on a daily basis to encounter different Pokemon. After a whole week of completing these tasks, players can also get access to the weekly Research Breakthrough for more rewards and a mysterious encounter.

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In this article, we’ll cover every Field Research task available in May 2023 in Pokemon Go alongside its rewards.

What is Field Research in Pokemon Go?

Players can get one stamp per day to open the Research Breakthrough box.

Pokemon Go players can get new Field Research tasks by spinning PokeStops. Trainers can only receive and complete one task from each PokeStop per day and it’s the same task for every player that spins that specific PokeStop.

Completing these tasks will reward players with items or a Pokemon encounter. While players can see the items they’ll receive beforehand, all the encounters look the same. Harder tasks will grant access to rarer encounters. You can check the full list of tasks with their encounters down below.

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The first Field Research task players complete in a day will grant them a Research Breakthrough stamp. After seven days of completing Field Research tasks, players can open the Research Breakthrough box for a Pokemon encounter, XP, Stardust, and one of the following items: Rare Candy, Pinap Berries, Ultra Balls, or Poke Balls.

The Rising Heroes season of Pokemon Go has six potential encounters for Research Breakthrough: Parasect, Pinsir, Snorlax, Gible, Furfrou, or Goomy. Lucky players might encounter shiny versions, except for Parasect and Goomy.

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All Pokemon Go Field Research tasks & rewards

Here are all the available Field Research tasks and rewards in Pokemon Go in May 2023 broken down into different categories:

Catching tasks

Field Research taskRewards
Catch 5 PokemonAlolan Rattata or Alolan Geodude
Catch 7 PokemonMagikarp
Catch a Dragon-type PokemonDratini or Bagon
Catch 5 Pokemon with Weather BoostVulpix, Poliwag, Hippopotas, or Snover
Use 5 Berries to help catch PokemonStufful
Catch 5 Normal-type PokemonMinccino

Throwing tasks

Field Research taskRewards
Make 5 Nice ThrowsDunsparce
Make 3 Great ThrowsSnubbull, Lileep, or Anorith
Make 3 Great Throws in a rowOnix
Make 5 Nice Curveball Throws in a rowSlakoth
Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in a rowSpinda
Make 3 Excellent Throws in a rowGible

Battling tasks

Field Research taskRewards
Battle in GO Battle LeagueMachoke
Win a RaidGalarian Farfetch’d
Win a 3-Star Raid or higherOmanyte or Kabuto
Win 5 RaidsAerodactyl

Buddy & Friendship tasks

Field Research taskRewards
Earn 2 Candies walking with your buddyBunnelby
Earn 3 Candies walking with your buddyStunfisk
Send 3 Gifts and add a sticker to eachMagikarp
Take a snapshot of your buddyGirafarig
Trade a PokemonShelmet or Karrablast
Pokemon Go Eggs and logoPokemon Go players can get extra rewards by hatching Eggs.

Egg tasks

Field Research taskRewards
Hatch an EggLickitung or Mantine
Hatch 2 EggsBeldum

Miscellaneous tasks

Field Research taskRewards
Evolve a PokemonEevee
Power up Pokemon 3 timesBulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle
Power up Pokemon 5 timesChikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile
Power up Pokemon 7 timesTreecko, Torchic, or Mudkip
Walk 3 kmSableye
Spin 3 PokeStops or GymsSudowoodo
Spin 5 PokeStops or GymsRalts
Purify 3 Shadow PokemonNidorino or Nidorina
Take a snapshot of a wild PokemonHoppip, Yanma, or Murkrow
Take 2 snapshots of wild Fairy-type PokemonSnubbull

Keep in mind that special events can override these tasks and bring new ones for a limited time.

All Pokemon that players can encounter as rewards can be shiny, except for Nidorino, Nidorina, and Machoke. Pokemon encounters from Field Research tasks always feature Pokemon with minimum IVs set to 10/10/10, similar to Raid encounters and Egg hatches.

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Image Credits: Niantic / The Pokemon Company

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