Pokemon Go players sick of multi-account spoofers ruining PokeStop Showcases

Lucas Simons
PokeStop Showcases Pokemon Go

PokeStop showcases have been one of the most popular features among Pokemon Go players, but lately, spoofers seem to be hellbent on taking them over.

The Pokemon Go community is reporting an increase in spoofer cases, which seem to target specific activities, like PokeStop Showcases and Gyms. Spoofers fill these with unbeatable Pokemon and prevent trainers from collecting their rewards.

Spoofers are players who use third-party software to change their location and play remotely. These practices are against Niantic’s ToS and the main cause of permanent bans within Pokemon Go.

User ThickPasta posted this on Reddit, voicing their concern about a spoofer spamming the local PokeStop Showcase ranking: “I was number 1 until this guy and his 4 accounts joined.”

Another player commenting on the OP’s post stated: “A surprisingly large amount of people play this game entirely from the comfort of their homes,” and then added: “Can’t see the appeal in spoofing, but I guess some people can and it sucks for the rest of us.”

Another player reported a similar incident: “There’s a guy somewhere in my neighborhood with 13 accounts and he somehow has the 13 biggest Pokémon in Every. Single. Showcase.”

This is but one of the many similar issues affecting users while participating in PokeStop Showcases, among other activities.

According to several players, spoofers are overwhelming Gyms in their area, with “auto-healing” Pokemon. This causes Gyms to be occupied all the time by the same players, crippling others from progressing with their daily PokeCoin yield.

“We had to gather 10 people to take down a single user with 6 accounts spoofing a Gym, and his Pokemon never went down below 50 % PC. Unbelievable,” stated a player.

Since PokeStops grants spoofers a steady source of premium items, like special lures, it might explain why they’re so focused on overtaking these activities.

The Pokemon Go community is concerned about this issue not being properly addressed by Niantic, and fears that if it keeps repeating itself, it will only lead to trainers abandoning the game.

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