Pokemon Go player reaches level 50 with shocking speed

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go level 50 achievement screen

A new Pokemon Go player has left everyone in disbelief by reaching level 50 in just nine months, and they’ve shared how they got the seemingly impossible task done and dusted!

Completing the various levels in Pokemon Go and reaching the ultimate peak of level 50 is no easy task, as you have to catch thousands of Pokemon, compete in PvP battles and Raids, and farm millions of XP. But a new trainer has done the impossible by hitting level 50 in only nine months!

Needless to say, the entire community couldn’t believe the achievement, as this takes years for almost every player. The trainer in question, named ‘MattmewOrMatt’ in the game, shared a Reddit post where they highlighted their level 50 haul and also revealed the secret behind their incredible feat.

The OP said they had no other hobbies and were heavily invested in playing Pokemon Go the entire time. They then quickly addressed the elephant in the room, and that was how many hours per day they put into the grind.

“At first I was playing daily at least a couple hours a day on long walks but over time when I got more familiar with events and how they work I still played pretty much daily just for the walking aspect but focused more on grinding solely during events that reward bonus XP.”

Pokemon Go, like any other game, can often get mundane and boring for even the most passionate fans. But the OP has an ingenious way to keep their interest afloat, even when the game had hardly anything exciting.

“Personally I set my own goals in game more than anything and that ultimately led me to getting the XP in a bit more of an enjoyable manner,” they mentioned, before adding: “I have a tag called ‘Milestone Catch’ where I tagged my 5/10/15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50/55/60/69/70,000 catches as well as other things.”

The trainer’s journey to level 50 in such a short time is certainly inspiring for players grinding hard to unlock higher levels in Pokemon Go. Be sure to use Lucky Eggs and keep an eye on special events for bonus XP gains.

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