Pokemon Go players give up hunting impossible shiny before it’s even released

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go shiny volcarona in the anime

With the elusive Larvesta making its shiny debut in Pokemon Go, players have abandoned any hope of getting it and evolving it into shiny Volcarona, as the chances look extremely slim.

The announcement of the Scorching Steps event in Pokemon Go took fans by surprise as it features the shiny debuts of Larvesta and Volcarona, two of the rarest finds in the game. But, players are already calling it quits, even though the event starts on June 21, 2024.

While Larvesta is available in 2km, 5km, and 10km Eggs, it is the most difficult hatch. If that wasn’t enough already, evolving it to the iconic Volcarona requires a whopping 400 Candy. When merely getting the Pokemon is such a nightmare, trainers can’t imagine bagging its shiny.

So, when a Reddit user ‘JEREMIE’ showed the shiny Larvesta and Volcarona comparison with their regular versions, others pointed out this glaring issue with the event.

Players commented: “Given how rare Larvesta hatches are, I’m gonna give this a pass. I still haven’t hatched a Chardacet and that is a more common hatch” and “I’ve had a Larvesta for a year now and I’m still less than halfway to having enough candies to evolve it. Forget shiny-hunting this thing.”

Many Pokemon Go trainers have yet to add this Bug/Fire-type, even though they have already hatched Frigibax, the Pseudo Legendary line of Scarlet and Violet, whose evolution Baxcalibur is way better in Raids and the Go Battle League than Volcarona.

Another fan highlighted that neither the Larvesta hatch rate nor its shiny chances boosted during the Scorching Steps event, making it not worthwhile.

But for those frustrated with the lack of Larvesta and its shiny in their collection, a few reminded players that the Flying/Dragon-type Noibat was just as rare but got a Community Day event for it just four months after its shiny debut.

While it remains to be seen if and when a Larvesta Community Day happens in Pokemon Go, you can hunt for brand new shinies in Go Fest 2024, including the popular Jangmo-o.