Fan-favorite Pokemon Go Pseudo Legendary finally gets the buff it deserves

Niladri Sarkar
bagon and salamence in pokemon go

One of the most iconic Pseudo Legendaries is all set to get a highly anticipated boost in Pokemon Go, thanks to a new move players have wanted for a long time.

Salamence has always had limited viability in Pokemon Go, although it boasts phenomenal offenses and a powerful Mega Evolution. This is due to its singular role as a Dragon-type attacker, with no good coverage moves to help it stand out.

Now, this is all set to be a thing of the past as the new Shared Skies season will add a powerful weapon to its arsenal, the Charged Move Fly. This exceptional Flying-type move is a great addition to the iconic Pokemon, expanding its usefulness and making it better than ever.

Salamence and its Mega have excelled as counters to Dragon-type Raid bosses with the Dragon Tail and Outrage combo, but it never had a reliable second Charged Move to make it more flexible. The other options, Fire Blast, Hydro Pump, and Draco Meteor are all expensive, leaving it with no usage in the Go Battle League.

With Fly, Salamence, with 277 Attack stat, works as a strong counter to the dominant Fighting-type Pokemon while also beating Grass-types more easily. Mega Salamence, flexing 310 Attack stat and amazing bulk, would salvage this move alongside high neutral damage from Dragon Tail.

pokemon go species mega salamence in the anime
Mega Salamence has high Defense, something that regular Salamence lacks.

While it needs a Flying-type Fast Move to propel it to the top tier of the meta, you should know that in mainline games like Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Salamence learns Air Slash, so the possibility is there in the future as a part of a move rebalance. That said, Fly costs only 45 energy and deals 80 damage, making it overall the best Flying-type move in Pokemon Go and a boon to this Pseudo Legendary.

This makes Salamence a great pick in the Master League, and you’ll be shocked to know that it is pretty deadly during the endgame when shields are down, taking down powerhouses like Kyogre, Groudon, Dragon Tail Garchomp, Palkia Origin, Mewtwo, Landorus Therian, Dragon Breath Gyarados, Zarude, and more!

So, when user ‘Razzspoons’ shared the move updates revealed for the Shared Skies GBL season in a Reddit post, fellow trainers commented: “Cheers to Fly Salamence!” and “I’d love Air Slash for the PvE potential, even if it’s not dethroning Rayquaza. But still, a cheaper charged move, at last!”

More players celebrated finally having access to a Flying attack on Salamence and said that this update should have “happened a long time ago thematically,” since the very lore of Bagon evolving into Salamence includes its desire to fly.

With both Dragon and Flying-type moves boosted during Windy in-game weather, you can take advantage of a Hundo or high IV Mega Salamence to do some insane damage to opponents. Be sure to use an Elite Charged TM to get Outrage alongside Fly and maximize its potential in Pokemon Go.

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