All Fire-type Pokemon weaknesses & resistances

Niladri Sarkar
fire-type pokemon reshiram, chi-yu, chandelure, and charizard

Fire types are among the strongest Pokemon in the franchise, so if you want to master them for battles, here are their weaknesses, resistances, strengths, and best counters to beat them.

Pokemon trainers looking to blaze through battles in Pokemon Go and Scarlet and Violet can use the popular Fire types to get the job done.

Being one of the best offensive types in the meta, you can dominate any challenge with them. So, here are the weaknesses, resistances, strengths, and best counters for Fire-type Pokemon.


Fire-type Pokemon weaknesses

Pure Fire-type Pokemon are weak to Ground, Rock, and Water-type attacks.

You should know that dual types often remove certain weaknesses and add others. Take the iconic Charizard for example. As a Fire/Flying-type Pokemon, it gains a weakness to Electric-type moves but is immune to Ground-type moves! Additionally, it is 4x weak to Rock-type moves. So, make sure you always consider new weaknesses or the elimination of some when using dual-type Fire Pokemon.

In the mainline games, the entry Hazard Stealth Rock is a headache, as it automatically takes out 25% HP when a Fire type is brought into the battlefield and a whopping 50% HP if the Pokemon is 4x weak to Rock-type moves, like Charizard or Volcarona. To avoid this, I’ve always used the Held Item Heavy-Duty Boots to prevent taking any damage from Hazards.

Fire-type Pokemon resistances

The resistances of Fire-type Pokemon include Bug, Fairy, Fire, Grass, Ice, and Steel-type attacks.

Resisting Fairy, Ice, and Steel-type moves make Fire types an ideal teammate to Dragon Pokemon, especially powerhouses like Miraidon, Raging Bolt, Walking Wake, and Kommo-o, which can also help KO species that Fire types are weak to. Walking Wake, in particular, is a great partner to your fiery Pokemon and I’ve defeated entire teams in hundreds of battles with this combination!

Fire-type Pokemon strengths

Fire types deal super-effective damage to Bug, Grass, Ice, and Steel-type Pokemon.

What makes these Pokemon more dangerous is setting up Sun on the battlefield. With this Weather effect, damage from Fire-type attacks is boosted by 50%, and damage from Water-type moves is reduced by 50%, making it easy to go up against this glaring weakness. Pokemon like Torkoal, Ninetales, and Koraidon can instantly set up Sun thanks to their abilities.

I’ve Terastallized Fire Pokemon to Fire Tera Type several times in my experience, giving them 2x STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) and OHKOing targets that even take neutral damage.

Best counters for Fire-type Pokemon

Here are the best counters for beating Fire-type Pokemon:

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