How to get Jangmo-o in Pokemon Go: Evolution, can it be shiny, more

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Jangmo-o is one of the rarest and most sought-after species in Pokemon Go, and many players have yet to catch this Dragon type. So, here’s everything you need to know to get Jangmo-o in Pokemon Go, including details to evolve it into Kommo-o, as well as its shiny chances.

In their quest to catch ’em all, Pokemon Go players are constantly on the lookout for new and rare Pokemon in the game. And with the strongest species in your teams, you can win more PvP and PvE battles.

While Legendaries are undoubtedly the best, you can also use Pseudo Legendaries such as Dragonite, Garchomp, and Baxcalibur to dominate battles in Pokemon Go. The popular Jangmo-o is a Dragon-type Pokemon and is a part of the Pseudo Legendary line from Gen 7. As expected, this species is one of the rarest in Pokemon Go, so you must be eager to catch it as soon as possible.

So, here are all the details about Jangmo-o in Pokemon Go, including its shiny availability, evolution, and more.

How to get Jangmo-o in Pokemon Go

You can get Jangmo-o in Pokemon Go by catching it in the wild or hatching it from 10km Eggs.

While Jangmo-o is insanely rare, players have a higher chance of encountering it during windy weather in Pokemon Go. We also recommend putting 10km Eggs in Super Incubators to hatch them quickly and increase your chances of hatching a Jangmo-o in the game.

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The scales on Jangmo-o’s body make a metallic sound when threatened.

Can Jangmo-o be shiny in Pokemon Go?

Shiny Jangmo-o will finally debut in Pokemon Go with the Pokemon Go Fest 2024 Global event in July. Trainers who attend the in-person celebrations will also be able to catch shiny Jangmo-o in the wild.

Make sure to check everything we know about Pokemon Go Fest 2024 to be ready when the time comes.

How to evolve Jangmo-o in Pokemon Go

Jangmo-o evolves into Hakamo-o with 25 Candy and then Hakamo-o evolves into Kommo-o with 100 Candy in Pokemon Go.

As Jangmo-o is a rare spawn, we recommend using Pinap Berries to get bonus Candies each time you catch Jangmo-o and evolve it to Kommo-o quickly.

That’s all you need to know about getting Jangmo-o in Pokemon Go. If you’re looking for more Pokemon Go content, be sure to check out our other guides:

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