Pokemon Go players frustrated as “repetitive spawns” ruins latest event

Lucas Simons
Pokemon Go Gen 9 starters

Trainers have been feeling a little disappointed with Pokemon Go and the Horizons collaboration, as they were expecting the debut of the shiny Gen 9 starters, but ended up receiving more of the same.

Pokemon Go players are having a blast with the World of Wonders season, which saw the debut of Charcadet and its evolutions: Armarouge and Ceruledge.

But the Fire Kid Pokemon debut is not all that’s happening during the Horizons event, and some players have a different opinion on the new Paldean buddies spawning around.

Some of them are quite tired of seeing Sprigatito, Quaxly, Fuecoco, and even Pawmi spawning around the map, and stated: “They can’t take them anymore.”

This was posted by ‘flavio_vasconcelos’ a Pokemon Go trainer and Reddit user, who described their current situation with a screenshot and asked: “Who else can’t take these three anymore (and Pawmi)?” To what another angry trainer answered: “At least make them shiny! For F***ks sake!”

Players immediately stated that they agreed, and were fairly disappointed about the absence of the Gen 9 shiny versions. “Boring a** pool of mon’s. Only thing I click on is Beldums,” stated a frustrated player. While another one answered: “Yep all trash. I keep auto catcher on and only manually catch Beldums.”

Others are more concerned about Pokemon Go skipping Gen 8 Starters and some theorize that the “devs probably don’t know how to animate those evolution lines.”

However, the reason behind the missing starters could be much simpler than that, as a player explained: “It’s probably due to a popularity poll. Pokemon Go marketing department decided Gen 9 was way more popular than Gen 8 and skipped ahead.” While another one agreed: “A reasonable explanation. Seems probable.”

Be it that you are happy to have a surplus of Paldean starters or not, here’s what you can look forward to during the next events including the Spotlight Hour schedule for this month, and all the upcoming Legendary, Shadow, and Mega Raids.

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