Pokemon Go players find surprising Easter egg in Scorching Steps event

Niladri Sarkar
a pair of larvesta in the pokemon anime

The highly-anticipated Scorching Steps event in Pokemon Go has captured the attention of players, not just for the debuting shinies, but also for some Easter eggs in the bonuses.

Larvesta is the rarest Egg hatch in Pokemon Go, and players can hunt for its shiny version in the upcoming Scorching Steps event, even though getting this Pokemon is not going to be any easier.

Still, trainers will probably give it a shot, especially with the half-hatch distance bonus. But, there seems to be more than meets the eye, as evidenced by Reddit user ‘Electroblade’ who posted: “The Scorching Steps event has a cool easter egg.”

The OP explained that two of the featured species in the event, Larvesta and Slugma, share the ability Flame Body in mainline games such as Scarlet and Violet. You should know that outside battles, having any Pokemon with Flame Body in your team halves Egg hatch distance.

While some were convinced that these Easter eggs for Larvesta and Slugma were intentionally put in by devs Niantic, a few begged to differ.

A player commented: “There are at least 6 other Pokemon with this ability that are in Pokemon Go and they’re not featured. If you’re doing a fire-themed egg-hatching event it’s more or less guaranteed to hit one or two in the pool with Flame Body.”

But, the coincidence may be too strong and it may indeed be an actual Easter egg since previous Fire-type events didn’t necessarily host bonuses related to the Flame Body ability.

Niantic is known not to drop everything in Pokemon Go events, something that’s clearly reflected in new Gen drops and Legendaries. Most called the Easter egg obvious as something as ridiculously rare as shiny Larvesta being generously associated with halved Egg distance is a giveaway.

More called it “definitely intentional and planned,” as Niantic has, in the past, given more clues to Pokemon’s mainline game lore and abilities, as fans likened the Stardust boosts from species like Meowth and Paras to their odds and ins.

With Larvesta and its evolution being some of the best and most iconic species, Pokemon Go has indeed laid excellent Easter eggs for it. If you’re looking for more rare finds, check out how to get FrigibaxKecleon, and Avalugg.

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