Pokemon Go players shocked by “miracle” shiny Legendary catching spree

Niladri Sarkar
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A group of four Pokemon Go players had the most impossible experience at Sinnoh Tour when they all encountered shinies of the same wild Legendary, leaving everyone in disbelief.

One of the most unique parts of a Go Tour event in Pokemon Go is the possibility of finding wild Legendaries and needless to say, players prioritize finding these Pokemon during their grind.

But, there’s something even better for the community and that’s encountering their shinies. While the Hoenn Tour featured Latios and Latias, the recently concluded Sinnoh Tour had the Lake Guardian trio of Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit.

So, fans were dumbstruck after a Reddit user named ‘Decent_snow117’ showed their four friends encountering a shiny Azelf during the Sinnoh Tour event and asked, “What’s the odds of this?”

Fellow trainers answered the OP’s query on the odds of the extremely rare situation by doing the math. “Them all getting the shiny on the same Azelf is a simple (1/20) which is 1/160,000, which is .000625%,” they said.

Players called it nothing short of a “miracle” as the “astronomical” shiny haul was beyond impressive. Another pointed out that while the IVs on all their Azelf would be the same since they’re above level 30 in Pokemon Go, the shiny odds are different.

Seeing two trainers using a Golden Razz Berry on their shiny Azelf, a fan commented: “Pretty rare, you want to use Pinap on those legendary shiny though for the candy seeing as the catch rate is 100%.” To this, others highlighted that the guaranteed shiny catch is only limited to Raids.

You should know that despite the Sinnoh Tour ending, Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit are still available in the wild, although finding them will not be as easy as the event. Additionally, since they are Legendaries, the shiny odds will still be 1/20, similar to Raids.

As you search for these Legendaries, have a look at the rarest finds in Pokemon Go and how to know if the Galarian Birds have perfect 100 IVs just from the encounter.

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