Pokemon Go players claim shiny Egg hunting is pointless in Go Fest

Niladri Sarkar
shiny jangmo-o in pokemon go fest 7km eggs

Pokemon Go Fest 2024 ticket holders can enjoy an early access bonus with 7km Eggs having a high chance of catching some of the rarest shinies. But, a couple of past events have left players concerned about this bonus.

Running until Sunday, July 14, when Go Fest Global kicks off, the event’s featured Pokemon, including Jangmo-o, Larvesta, Rockruff, and even region exclusives like Corsola and Maractus have increased chances of being shiny from 7km Eggs obtained after July 8, 10 AM local time.

While this early access bonus sounds exciting, the mention of “increased chance” for the Egg’s shiny odds in the event has ruffled many feathers in the community, with one user posting about it on Reddit.

The boosted shiny odds in Eggs have been a dicey topic, as players find it extremely difficult to get the featured shinies. This gets more frustrating after many fans purchase Egg Incubators from the in-game Shop, only to see them going in vain.

This made a trainer sarcastically joke: “Increase chances by 0.000001%” as others commented they “hate” 7km Eggs. Additionally, the “increased chance” phrasing in the official blog also reminded many of June’s Scorching Steps event.

Shiny Larvesta was supposed to have higher odds during the event, but hardly anyone got it. A person wrote, “After the larvesta fiasco I am taking it chill.” However, Larvesta isn’t the only suspect as others highlighted a similar case for another popular species.

“The sad part is that really this goes back to the Deino debacle years ago. I don’t remember the actual odds of getting a Deino but that plus finding it shiny were insanely slim,” a player said before adding: “Since then they continue to do these egg events and people continue to fall for them.”

While this bonus is limited to ticket holders, you can still hunt for these shinies without paying anything during Pokemon Go Fest Global. And even if you miss out on rare ones like shiny Jangmo-o, you can easily get it on its eventual Community Day.

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