Pokemon players can’t wait for Tynamo Community Day to get rid of painful grind

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go community day species tynamo in scarlet and violet

The popular Electric-type Tynamo is all set to headline the July 2024 Community Day in Pokemon Go, and players of the mobile game as well as Scarlet and Violet are excited about the event.

Unlike most Community Days, this event will feature a debuting shiny Pokemon which is also difficult to spot in the wild, and this highlight has caught the attention of players looking to add the extremely rare find to both games.

After Reddit user ‘Mammoth-List9852’ asked, “How do feel about our next Community Day being Tynamo?” several Pokemon Go players shared their views on the Gen 5 species.

Trainers commented: “It’s a shiny I don’t have, so I’ll do it” and “Somehow I’m more excited for this one than all of the past year or so of CDs. The Tynamo family has always been a low-key favorite of mine.”

While some stated that the featured Pokemon itself is “boring” as Tynamo’s final evolution, Eelektross, isn’t going to be too meta-relevant in the Go Battle League or Raids due to its poor stats, players were still up for it since it’s one of those Community Day events featuring a new shiny.

Many claimed that they’re “a fan of shiny Eelektross” so they are looking forward to the event. But, to everyone’s surprise, those who also play Scarlet and Violet were perhaps the most invested.

A person wrote: “As a shiny hunter, any community day is great. As someone who painstakingly hunted the line in SV, I’m happy for any collector who is still looking, because this will be easier than that.”

You should note that while Tynamo itself isn’t exactly rare in Scarlet and Violet and its DLCs, it’s extremely tiny in size, and with the “buggy” visual effects on the water in these games, it’s impossibly hard to find the shiny that looks hardly any different from the normal form.

A player explained: “Hunting these types of shinies in water in S/V is something I don’t want to do, barely can tell them apart and the framerate when dealing in water is trash.. so I’m happy for the community day.”

With shiny odds boosted to a 4% chance in Community Days, you can easily grab multiple shinies and transfer them to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet instead of spending hours or even days grinding for the elusive find in the Gen 9 games.