Is Pokemon Go Fest 2024 ticket worth it?

Niladri Sarkar
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Go Fest is the biggest annual event in Pokemon Go and the 2024 edition packs the exciting debut of Necrozma and a chance to catch plenty of new shinies. That said, is the Global ticket worth buying?

This paid ticket costs $14.99 (or the equivalent pricing in your local currency) and offers an upgraded experience due to many additional perks. If you’re unsure whether you should get it, we’ve got your back as we will dig deep into all the goods the ticket has to offer.

Should you buy Pokemon Go Fest 2024 ticket?

Yes, the Pokemon Go Fest 2024 ticket is worth buying. The thrilling additions and the overall experience make up for the value of the purchase, especially due to these perks for ticket holders:

  • Special Research for Marshadow
  • Get the Dusk Mane and Dwan Wings fusions of Necrozma
  • Increased chance of encountering shiny Pokemon
  • Up to six Special Trades each day
  • Nine free Raid Passes from spinning PokeStops or Gyms
  • 2x friendship bonus damage in Raids
  • Special 7km Eggs
  • Get Medals for completing event Collection Challenges
pokemon go fest 2024 ticket in game storage
You can find the Go Fest 2024 ticket in your storage after purchasing it.

Here are the main reasons why these bonuses make purchasing the ticket worth it:

Marshadow debut

The debuting Marshadow is the highlight of the ticket and unlike other Mythicals, this Fighting/Ghost-type species dominates the Master League and Raids. Grabbing it now can give you an edge in PvP and help you earn tons of Go Battle League rewards.

Dusk Mane & Dawn Wings fusions of Necrozma

Ticket holders can fuse Necrozma with Solgaleo and Lunala to get the powerful Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings fusions.

While the Dusk Mane form will be the best Steel-type attacker in Pokemon Go, Dawn Wings will be a top pick in the Master League.

New shinies

With a slew of possible shinies up for grabs, including Jangmo-o, ticket holders have higher odds of encountering this fan-favorite Dragon type. Also, you can get the shinies of other rare finds such as Ducklett, Emolga, and Crabrawler.


Taking down these fusions in Raids will be easier, thanks to the 2x damage boost in their battles and the nine free regular Passes you can collect easily. Also, with Necrozma’s shiny version being available, players can take advantage of these bonuses to do more Raid battles.

Special Trades

You can do six Special Trades a day, giving you a great opportunity to exchange the Legendary Necrozma with your friends. Its fusions are top-tier threats meta additions, and with this bonus, you can end up with a perfect IV or Lucky capture.

pokemon go fest 2024 medal
Ticket holders will get a Go Fest 2024 medal featuring Necrozma.

Can you play Pokemon Go Fest 2024 without a ticket?

Yes, players worldwide can participate in the Global Pokemon Go Fest event and take on Necrozma in Raids with no limit to Remote Raid Passes, and even hunt for new shinies.

Keep in mind that increased shiny chances for ticket holders apply only to wild spawns, with the odds for Raids being the same for all players at 1/64. So, while buying the ticket does give you some additional rewards, you can still have a great time without the purchase.

Go Fest 2024 dates

Go Fest Global will run from July 13, 2024, until July 14, 2024. Don’t forget to keep tons of Poke Balls, Berries, Incense, and Lure Modules handy to make the most of the event.

If you want to purchase the Pokemon Go Fest ticket, you can get it from the in-game Shop or the Webstore, with the latter giving you a free avatar t-shirt.

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