Pokemon Go players slam “underwhelming” Ultra Unlock bonuses as worst yet

Niladri Sarkar
ash ketchum worried about pokemon go fest 2024 ultra unlock bonuses

With the Ultra Unlock 2024 bonuses announced in Pokemon Go, trainers are disappointed about the rewards not being as exciting or worthy as the last few years.

After completing 20 Global Challenges in Go Fest, players can unlock these bonuses, featuring new Pokemon, shinies, and a Mega Raid Day. While it looks good on paper, many have said that they’re a downgrade from older editions.

One trainer did a detailed analysis of all Ultra Unlock event bonuses, starting from 2018 to 2024, and shared their findings in a Reddit post. The OP concluded that this year’s are worse than all the past rewards.

Fellow trainers immediately pointed out that Ultra Unlocks used to be “good times” as they contained massive bonuses such as an entire week of 3x Stardust. Even though this year’s has 4x XP for five days, everyone agreed that it just doesn’t compare and is “underwhelming.”

Many gushed about the Cranidos/Shieldon Research Day in 2022’s Ultra Unlock, which gave players multiple encounters with these two Pokemon. Also, they could be shiny and are monsters in the meta.

Even though neither were debuting species or shinies, fans said they had a great time and highlighted that they are still sought-after finds in Lucky Trades.

This led others to claim that even if Niantic added more to this year’s bonuses, “it’s still going to be much less than previous years.” The underwhelming nature of 2024 made some take a jibe at Niantic.

“I simply don’t understand Niantic’s insistence in totally nerfing bonuses. I would think their goal is to get as many people playing their game as much as possible. Solid rewards do that,” a person commented.

Ultra Unlocks are given after fans grind hard in Go Fest, so the community would certainly hope that more bonuses get added to appreciate their efforts.

As you wait for Pokemon Go Fest 2024, check out all the new shinies you can catch as well as how to get the Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings fusions of Necrozma.

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