Pokemon Go Web Store explained: How to get bonus PokeCoins

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Pokemon Go PokeCoin bundles

There’s a way in which Pokemon Go players can get more out of their buck when buying PokeCoins, and that is using Niantic’s online store. So, here’s all you need to know about the Pokemon Go Web Store.

Pokemon Go players are enjoying the World of Wonders Season, and the Taken Over event with many featured creatures to catch. But, when thinking of buying PokeCoins for Special Researches or anything else, there’s a way to get more out of your buck.

The Pokemon Go Web Store offers a bonus that players won’t want to miss, so here’s how to get bonus PokeCoins on each purchase.


What is the Pokemon Go web store?

The Pokemon Go web store allows players to purchase PokeCoins with exclusive deals not available through the in-game shop. In addition to PokeCoin bundles costing a little less, players receive bonus PokeCoins by making their purchases via the web store.

“The Web Store offers the best deals, the biggest bundles, and exclusive offers,” reads the official Niantic statement. There are currently five PokeCoin bundles available in the Pokemon Go web store:

  • 600 PokeCoins: $4.99 (+50 extra)
  • 1300 PokeCoins: $9.99 (+100 extra)
  • 2700 PokeCoins: $19.99 (+200 extra)
  • 5600 PokeCoins: $39.99 (+400 extra)
  • 15500 PokeCoins: $99.99 (+1000 extra)

Some stores have localized pricing, so players should check their local Pokemon Go Web Store to see if they can make these bonus PokeCoins purchases in their local currency.

Purchases made through the web store are free from platform fees applied to apps in the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android), hence the bonus coins from Niantic.

What else can you buy from the Pokemon Go Web Store?

Players can also obtain the following items, at the time of writing this article, from the Pokemon Go Web Store:

  • Pokemon Go Fest 2024 Global Ticket: $14.99
  • Wonder Ticket Item Box (x2 Premium Battle Pass & x1 Wonder Ticket): $9.99
  • GO Rocket Box (x7 Ultra Ball, x7 Premium Battle Pass, x7 Rocket Radar & x7 Silver Pinap Berry): Available for a limited time only for $9.99

Both the Wonder Ticket Item Box and GO Rocket Box are exclusively sold on the Pokemon Go Web Store.

Also remember, all first-time purchases made from the Pokemon Go Web Store receive a 15% discount on any sales above $9.99, so be sure to chain this with a good PokeCoin bonus.

Where is the Pokemon Go Web Store available?

The Pokemon Go Web Store is available worldwide, with Niantic accepting most global payment methods and with some localized pricing in certain regions.

The official Pokemon Go Web Store blog entry states: “Trainers can access the store on any device that supports web browsers and will support additional methods of payment globally, making purchasing more accessible to all.”

And that was all you needed to know about the Pokemon Go Web Store! For more on Niantic’s AR mobile game, check out how Pokemon Go trainers are paranoid about Zorua spawns, or all about the It’s a Rocket World Special Research.

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