How to get Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go (September 2023)

Remote Raid Passes in a Pokemon Go Raid backgroundNiantic/The Pokemon Company

Remote Raid Passes are an essential part of the Pokemon Go experience for most players, so here’s everything there is to know about this item, including price and availability in the game in September 2023.

Remote Raid Passes are an item introduced in Pokemon Go in 2020 when players were unable to go out and play the game normally. It has since become one of the most sought-after items in Pokemon Go because it allows players to participate in Raids all over the world without needing to be physically in those places.

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Remote Raid Passes have also been at the center of a controversy in response to changes and limitations that arrived on April 2023.

If you need more Remote Raid Passes to tackle difficult Raids with friends or strangers, here’s everything you need to know about them.

What are Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go Remote Raid Passes allow players to take part in Raids that are on the Nearby screen or tappable from the Map view.

These Passes also allow players to participate in Raid Battles all around the world if they get the proper invite from another player.

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Pokemon Go Raids in Gyms in a parkNiantic
Players can use Remote Raid Passes to tackle Raids all over the world.

How to get Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go

The fastest way to get Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go in September 2023 is via the in-game shop. One Remote Raid Pass costs 195 PokeCoins, while a bundle of three Remote Raid Passes can be purchased by spending 525 PokeCoins. Getting the bundle allows players to spend 175 PokeCoins per Remote Raid Pass.

Some players also found a Remote Raid Box in the in-game shop recently. It included three Premium Raid passes and two Remote Raid passes at 425 PokeCoins. This means trainers could get Remote Raid Passes for less than 100 PokeCoins each. However, it seems like the offer was very limited, and most players can’t see it in their games anymore. We’ll keep an eye out for similar offers.

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The only way to get PokeCoins in Pokemon Go without spending money is by leaving Pokemon in Gyms. They’ll need to stay and defend the Gym for eight and a half hours to get 50 PokeCoins, which is the daily limit players can get with this method.

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Are there any free Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go?

Currently, Pokemon Go players have a chance to claim a free Remote Raid Pass via Research Breakthrough. When first introduced, players could exchange one Remote Raid Pass a day for 1 PokeCoin, but that offer is no longer available since May 2022.

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From April 2023, players can complete seven days of Field Research tasks and mark them off in the Today View for a chance to get a Remote Raid Pass. Since rewards are random, players might need to open many Research Breakthrough boxes to get a free Remote Raid Pass.

We’ll update this section if a new offer shows up in the Pokemon Go shop or as a Research reward.

Remote Raid Passes in the Pokemon Go shopNiantic
Premium Battle Passes only work with in-person Raids.

How to use Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go

Using Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go is a fairly easy process. You just need to follow these steps:

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  1. On the main game screen, tap the bar with three Pokemon at the bottom right corner of the screen. Then open the Nearby tab.
  2. Tap ‘Raid’.
  3. Select any Raid that has a green ‘Ongoing’ button.
  4. Instead of the usual green ‘Battle’ button, you should see a pink one that says “Battle using a Remote Raid Pass.” Tap it and then tap the Remote Raid Pass.

Once you do that, you’ll be in the Raid lobby waiting for the battle to start.

You can also enter a Raid by tapping any Gym with an active Raid in your field of view. If you get an invite from a friend, it will show up on the Nearby screen. You should follow steps 1 and 2 and you’ll see the invite at the top. Tap it and you’ll be sent to the Gym where you can follow step 4.

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That’s everything you need to know about Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go and how to get them.

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