Pokemon Go Necrozma fusions set to dominate PvP & Raids as leak reveals moveset

Niladri Sarkar
dusk mane and dawn wings necrozma in pokemon go

Ahead of Pokemon Go Fest 2024, moveset leaks are out for the Necrozma forms and they point at absolute dominance in PvP and Raids.

Pokemon Go confirmed Necrozma for Go Fest 2024 along with leaks revealing the fusion mechanics of this mysterious Pokemon. Now, more leaks have shed light on their updated moveset and players are shocked by how busted these Legendaries look!

The newfound Fast Moves are Shadow Claw, Metal Claw, and Psycho Cut, while the Charged Moves are Dark Pulse, Future Sight, Iron Head, and Outrage. What’s more, their signature moves, Sunsteel Strike and Moongeist Beam are also in the mix, though their stats are yet to be revealed.

After these details were shared in the Silph Road subreddit by user ‘krispyboiz,’ fellow trainers were abuzz with excitement.

A player wrote, “Dawn Wings is going to dominate ML. Would not surprise me if it becomes the new #1 mon overall,” before adding: “Shadow Claw/Dark Pulse + Future Sight has a 27-11 record against the ML meta in 1 shields. And that’s not even accounting for whatever the stats of Moongeist Beam end up being.”

You should know that Nezroma fuses with Solgaleo and Lunala to turn into its Dawn Wings and Dusk Mane forms, and these two have the same stats of 277 Attack, 220 Defense, and 199 HP in Pokemon Go, making them viable in the Master League and as Raid counters.

Others mentioned that Dawn Wings Necrozma would be the strongest non-Mega Ghost-type attacker with Moongeist beam coming into play, syncing flawlessly with Shadow Claw. Also, they stated that Dusk Mane can outclass the current Steel-type king Metagross, even if Sunsteel Strike has decent numbers.

Metal Claw is already better than Bullet Punch for Raids and Metagross only has a 257 Attack stat, lower than Dusk Mane. Ultimately, these Necrozma forms look all set to take over the meta. That’s not all, as the ultimate release of Ultra Necrozma would also make it formidable, with Psycho Cut, Outrage, and Future Sight in tow.

With Necrozma looking extremely viable, players have more reasons to be excited about Go Fest, as new shinies, Blacephalon, and Stakataka are also making their way to Pokemon Go.