Simple Pokemon Go trick allows players to get easy Lucky Trades

Niladri Sarkar
two pokemon go trainers dong a lucky trade

This quick trick can help you get assured Lucky Trades with any species in Pokemon Go as long as one simple condition is fulfilled.

Lucky Trades are highly sought-after by Pokemon Go players as these exclusive Pokemon take fewer resources to power up and max out, making them ideal for Raids and the Go Battle League.

While fans usually wait until they become Lucky Friends to do these trades, you can get it done otherwise if you keep a particular trick in mind – trading Pokemon caught in or before 2018.

When Reddit user ‘Accalias0’ showed the Lucky perfect IV Armored Mewtwo they got from their uncle in a Lucky Trade, many trainers jumped into the comments section to congratulate the OP on the “crazy” rare Hundo.

To this, a player pointed out that if someone offers a species caught on or before 2018 as a trade for an Armored Mewtwo, or any Pokemon for that matter, both are guaranteed to become Lucky.

While some assumed the trade has only a 20% chance of being Lucky, others confirmed the 100% chance and also pointed out another condition to remember. “2018 and older and 25. It was increased in December from 2017 and older and 10. So it will likely increase again in December 2024 to include 2019 and older.”

This means that the trainer sending the guaranteed species from 2018 or before needs to ensure they haven’t done more than 25 trades in a single day to ensure the sent Pokemon turns Lucky.

If you have Pokemon from this timeframe still left in your collection, you can get yourself any Lucky grabs. Some great options for Lucky Trades in Pokemon Go that are super rare include Volcarona, Baxcalibur, and Kecleon.

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