New Pokemon Go event offers free Ultra Beasts without Raids

Niladri Sarkar
ultra beasts nihilego, pheromosa, buzzwole and xurkitree in pokemon go

Ahead of Go Fest 2024, Pokemon Go has announced an event featuring plenty of Ultra Beasts (UBs) up for grabs, without needing to beat them in Raids or spending money.

The Inbound from Ultra Space event features free Timed Research that rewards encounters with all Ultra Beasts except Poipole, giving players a great chance to catch these powerful Pokemon usually limited to 5-Star Raid battles.

Excited fans took to the comments section of a post on The Silph Road subreddit showing the event’s infographic created by renowned Pokemon Go trainer ‘G47IX’ and shared more thrilling tidbits about the Research.

A user commented: “The ticket gives you one encounter with every UB. IMO it’s worth it just because you have a high chance of one being shiny.”

Keep in mind that you have a chance to grab the shinies of every featured Ultra Beast except Blacephalon and Stakataka, as these two recently made their Pokemon Go debut in May 2023.

That’s not all, as even UBs whose Raids were available regionally in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere can now be captured by all trainers, completing their Ultra Beast collection in the Pokedex.

Also, Poipole is not available from the Research as it’s not a Raid-exclusive species, and is available from the free World of Wonders Special Research and paid Wonder Ticket Timed Research.

Trainers called it a “fun Timed Research” and celebrated that it would be free for all. They even lauded the other Research, which is a paid version, for being worth it as it features several useful items, including Candy for each UB. This makes it easy to power them up for Raids and the Go Battle League (GBL)

PvP players pointed out that the UB encounters from the Timed Research would have a CP under 1500, making them eligible for the Great League, something that’s not possible from the Raid catches. Guzzlord, in particular, is a monster in this GBL format.

Pokemon Go trainers are certainly looking forward to the event’s free Timed Research quest to catch some of the best attackers for battles, with hopes of getting their shinies.

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