Pokemon Go’s newest Mythical absolutely dominates Master League & Raids

Niladri Sarkar
mythical marshadow in pokemon go

Marshadow has made its highly-anticipated debut in the Pokemon Go Fest 2024 celebrations and this Mythical is now one of the deadliest picks for the Master League and Raids meta.

Gen 7 Mythical Pokemon Marshadow is available in the Go Fest 2024 celebrations and while most Pokemon Go players expected it to be just another Pokedex entry with hardly any meta relevance, they are in for a surprise!

Only a handful of Mythicals are viable in Raids and the Go Battle League (GBL). But, Marshadow is dominating the Master League, as highlighted by well-known PvP expert ‘JRE47’ in a post on The Silph Road subreddit.

Titled “A PvP Analysis on Marshadow, the OP shed light on how this popular Pokemon fares in all three GBL Leagues.

Since it shares its Fighting/Ghost-type combination with Annihilape in Pokemon Go, comparisons were obvious, especially with the latter being a legitimate threat in Great, Ultra, and Master League.

The OP pointed out that Annihilape takes the edge in the lower Leagues but the tables turn in the Master League, where Marshadow’s max CP of 4217 and staggering 265 Attack stat make it better.

Marshadow pulls out several unique wins and “smashing things not even Annihilape can.” To put into perspective, the Mythical scores all of Annihilape’s noted wins, and also beats Yveltal and a slew of Dragon-types, including Dragonite, Garchomp, Palkia, Rayquaza, and Zygarde Complete.

You should know that while Annihilape has a way lower Attack stat of only 220, access to the powerful Charged Move Shadow Ball and other coverage moves give it usage, no matter what. But, Marshadow’s sheer power helps it steer ahead in the Master League, where higher stats and a good moveset make all the difference.

That’s not all, as Marshadow’s offensive potential, and the pair of Counter and Close Combat make it a top-notch counter to Raid Bosses weak to Fighting-type attacks.

While Marshadow is a must-have in Pokemon Go, you can make your teams stronger with other species like the Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings fusions of Necrozma.