How long is Diablo 4? Campaign length & time to reach level 100

Aakrit Sharma
World boss in Diablo 4

Although seasonal content is now the focus of Diablo 4, players must not neglect the campaign if they want to unearth the biggest secrets of Sanctuary and Lilith. Here’s the Diablo 4 campaign length, the time it’ll take you to reach the final fight, and how long it takes to level up a character to 100.

Diablo 4 stands out among other games in the series because of its expansive campaign. With some of the most elaborate cut scenes and characters, the main story of the latest Blizzard title has received very positive reviews.

Although seasonal content is now the biggest highlight of Diablo 4, completing the campaign is quite important if you want to effortlessly create new seasonal characters and enjoy features like mounts from the get-go.

Here’s everything to know about the Diablo 4 campaign length.

Character crossing a bridge in Diablo 4
Diablo 4 has more end-game content than previous games in the series.

How long to beat Diablo 4 campaign?

The main campaign in Diablo 4 is roughly 35 hours long. There are six acts in the main story in which Act 5 is the longest while Act 4 is the shortest.

It is important to note that the 35-hour length is exclusively for the campaign content, which is just one aspect of the gameplay in the game. Elaborating more on player freedom, Fergusson said:

“You can go anywhere you want within Sanctuary and go do dungeons or go do other things and take on a world boss or go do local events, so you have choice there.”

It is worth noting that the story in Diablo 4 is non-linear until Act 3, which means that you can choose how to play it out.

Barbarian class in Diablo 4
There are five classes in Diablo 4.

How long does it take to reach level 100 in Diablo 4?

It should take you anywhere between 100-300 hours to get a level 100 character in Diablo 4. As it turns out, the XP required to reach level 85 is the same as the XP required to reach level 100 from 85, and the range is so fluid because there are plenty of ways to get XP with major differences in output and the time required to complete the challenge.

All in all, you’ll need to spend at least 100 hours to get a level 100 character in Diablo 4 and if you take things slow like new players, the process can be as long as 300 hours.

Diablo 4 is a live-service game with a seasonal Battle Pass, PvP modes, clans, open-world exploration, dungeons, and several elements that you can explore apart from the story. Therefore, if you’re someone who wants to see everything that the game has to offer, you’ll most likely spend hundreds of hours on it and not just 35.

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