Diablo 4 ending explained: What happens next?

Diablo 4 LilithBlizzard

In the wake of Diablo 4’s conclusive act, you might be wondering about the story’s future trajectory. Fret not, because we’re here to explain the ending of Diablo 4 and provide insights on possible future plot developments.

As Diablo 4 wraps up, it leaves players grappling with several cliffhangers, suggesting that the narrative of angels and demons is far from over. Blizzard has already made it clear that they’re planning to regularly introduce new plot content, implying that Diablo 4’s base storyline is merely the opening act of an epic saga.

With Season 1 just around the corner, we’re here to dissect the storyline of Diablo 4 and contemplate its future implications. Prepare yourself for a descent into the Buring Hells – we’re about to untangle the finale of Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 story & plot explained

Situated half a century after Diablo 3, Diablo 4 sees Sanctuary untouched by the Prime and Lesser Evils for that duration. However, the peace is threatened when a religious group starts revering the fallen angel Inarius as a deity, and a lesser cult starts idolizing the exiled demon princess Lilith.

Lilith, who is Mephisto’s daughter and a Prime Evil, was expelled from Hell after her illicit romance with Inarius and the creation of Sanctuary, a refuge from the Eternal Conflict of Heaven and Hell. Their hybrid offspring, the Nephalem, were deemed abominations and were nearly eradicated by angels and demons alike.

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In a desperate bid to protect her children, Lilith transformed them into weapons against both factions. When Inarius realized the danger they posed to the fabric of reality, he banished Lilith and went into self-imposed exile. The surviving Nephalem eventually evolved into humanity, with their extraordinary powers remaining dormant in some individuals.

Diablo 4 Father InariusBlizzard Entertainment
Inarius’ actions led to the creation of Sanctuary.

As Diablo 4 begins, Lilith’s cult succeeds in bringing her back to Sanctuary. Once back, she begins her bid to rule the world and plans to eliminate the Prime Evils, starting with Mephisto.

Inarius, however, has become disillusioned with Sanctuary and longs for Heaven. He believes that Lilith’s demise will pave his way back to the Aegis council.

His commitment to this cause leads him to murder their son, Rathma, the Nephalem leader of Necromancers, who refuses to take a side. Inarius aids the player in tracking down the havoc-wreaking Lilith, but undermines their plan to imprison Lilith in a Soulstone, intending to end her life instead.

We’re going to discuss the ending of Diablo 4 down below, so if you’re looking to avoid spoilers, you may want to look away.

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Diablo 4 ending explained

Mephisto, the Prime Evil, attempts to coax the protagonist into an alliance aimed at halting Lilith, only to be rejected. The protagonist also dismisses Lilith’s seductive overtures for allegiance. En route to face Mephisto, Lilith is assaulted by Inarius, whom she cunningly distracts before executing him.

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Assisted by their companion, Nyrelle, the protagonist is the first to reach Mephisto’s stronghold. Recognizing Mephisto as the greater evil, they decide to imprison him in the Soulstone, sidelining Lilith. This move thwarts Lilith’s intent to absorb Mephisto’s essence, akin to Diablo’s absorption in Diablo 3.

The protagonist’s action provokes Lilith, who fiercely retaliates but ultimately loses the intense battle. As Lilith disintegrates, she forebodes the resurrection of the Prime Evils and warns of Sanctuary’s impending doom in her absence. The protagonist is then struck with a vision of Diablo, hinting at his potential return.

Diablo in a cutsceneBlizzard
Diablo’s return is heavily hinted at in Diablo 4.

In the final sequence, Nyrelle absconds with Mephisto’s Soulstone, boarding a ship to an undisclosed location. She leaves a note for the protagonist, urging them not to pursue her and assuring them of her mastery over the situation. The concluding scene shows Mephisto’s wolf form haunting Nyrelle.

Diablo 4 story continuation & potential plot developments

With Diablo 4’s concluding segment being an open-ended episode, the narrative will continue to unfold via updates and expansion packs. Diablo 4 is positioned as a live-service game, indicating that the story is set to progress in the first season and beyond.

Even though Lilith was the main antagonist in the base game, Diablo, Baal, and Mephisto are the traditional nemeses in the series. Thus, it was expected that their resurgence would be hinted at or displayed in the game.

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As Mephisto makes his return to Sanctuary, he could potentially corrupt Nyrelle. Concurrently, Diablo and Baal may be concocting their reentry schemes. Could this have been the calculated strategy of the Prime Evil all along, knowing that Lilith posed the most significant threat they’ve ever faced?

This possibility ensures that the upcoming Diablo 4 updates will be filled with adversaries for players to challenge!

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