How to beat Diablo 4 Ashava boss: Spawn times, location, rewards

Aakrit Sharma
Ashava The Pestilent, one of Diablo 4 World Bosses

Diablo 4 allows players to take on World Bosses, and one of them is Ashava who is among the toughest enemies you’ll come across in the Sanctuary. We’ll go over how to unlock and defeat Diablo 4’s Ashava boss in Season 1, complete with her spawn time, spawn location, and rewards.

Diablo 4 received a ton of new content when the Season 1 update went live, including the addition of elements such as Malignant HeartsMalignant Tunnelsa brand-new questline, and the game’s first-ever Battle Pass.

Diablo Immortal was the first game in the series to have World Bosses and Diablo 4 has continued the trend. The first major region in the game, Fractured Peaks, has a World Boss called Ashava the Pestilent that is a nightmare to face.

Here’s how you can find and beat Ashava in Diablo 4 Season 1 and get a wide range of amazing rewards.

Ashava The Pestilent in Diablo 4

How to unlock Ashava World Boss in Diablo 4

You need to complete the Diablo 4 campaign to unlock the World Boss Ashava. Once you beat the campaign, the world boss starts appearing on the map occasionally.

Ashava was featured in the Diablo 4 open betas only for player feedback, whereas World Bosses are exclusively endgame content in the full release.

When does Ashava spawn in Diablo 4?

Assuming that you’ve completed the campaign, Ashava spawns every three hours in Diablo 4. To make the navigation process easier, a countdown timer and quest marker appear on her location 30 minutes before spawning.

A maximum of 12 players can take on Ashava together and they get Legendary rewards upon defeating the boss.

Ashava spawn location in Diablo 4

Ashava in Diablo 4 spawns in The Crucible which is a small level 25-plus area on the southeastern edge of Fractured Peaks.

Ashava’s exact location is marked in this image as well:

Ashava's spawn location in Diablo 4
Fractured Peaks is one of the five main regions in Diablo 4.

How to defeat Ashava in Diablo 4

You can weaken Ashava in Diablo 4 by constantly hitting her with Crowd Control skills that have effects like Knock Down, Taunt, Freeze, Stun, Daze, Chill, Slow, and Immobilize.

Doing so fills the yellow meter under her health bar and staggers her. Then, you’ll have 12 seconds to damage her without any interruptions.

Apart from this, we have the following tips and tricks that you can use to defeat Ashava in Diablo 4:

  • Wear poison-resistant gear because the majority of Ashava’s attacks inflict poison damage that takes away your health over time.
  • You can evade Ashava’s consecutive sweep attacks by being really close to her or behind her. This strategy is more reliable than trying to get out of the attack’s AoE.
  • Move away from any circles that appear on the ground because this indicates Ashava’s imminent arm attack.
  • Avoid touching any poison clouds that Ashava releases during the battle as they can inflict heavy poison damage.
Ashava after losing the battle in Diablo 4
Ashava specializes in dealing poison damage to players.

Rewards for beating Ashava in Diablo 4

The best loot you can get by defeating Ashava in Diablo 4 includes Legendary gear and Scattered Prisms. While Legendary gear items have the best overall stats and buffs, Scattered Prisms help in adding sockets to gear.

You can socket gear items with gems such as Rubies, Amulets, Diamonds, and Skulls, and significantly improve their stats and viability. This makes fighting Ashava and beating her worth the effort.

Interestingly, players who beat Ashava during the last server slam beta received a Cry of Ashava mount trophy which is no longer a reward in the game.

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