Diablo 4 players question how long the game will keep fans engaged

Emily Stander
Diablo 4's Inarius in armor

Diablo 4 was released in mid-2023, and players are already questioning whether the game will be able to keep them engaged. 

Diablo 4 is the fourth installment in the Diablo series and was met with some excellent reviews on release. The game has received a few updates since its launch on August 4, 2023, including events and an all-new season. 

There has been a trend recently though, where players have been questioning the longevity of the game. Usually with online role-playing game systems, players expect the game to be relevant and enjoyable for years to come. 

Diablo 4’s predecessor, Diablo 3, is still having a successful run despite the new game being launched. Since 2012, the player base has been going strong for eight years. The question that players have started asking now is whether Diablo 4 will experience the same success. 

Here are some of the issues that have caused players to reconsider the longevity of Diablo 4:

  1. Season 1 struggled to retain players
  2. Problematic inventory system
  3. Seasonal content runs out quickly

Season 1 struggled to retain players 

Diablo 4 runs on seasons in which players can start at a given time in the year. Now on season 2, each one brings new content, updates to gameplay, and more that players can discover. 

In Diablo 4’s first season, players came across some major issues with content that made them stop playing. Redditor ‘Disciple_Of_Erebos’ spoke to this sentiment in a thread that concerned these issues: “Player retention isn’t quite the right word for it. Having players continuously play your game like a forever game isn’t that important for seasonal games,” they said. 

“Having them stay and play the next season is, however, really important, especially if they’re paying players who represent returning income.”

The disappointment that a lot of players felt in season 1 of Diablo 4 meant that they had no desire to return for season 2, even if others mentioned that Blizzard had done a good job with adding content this time. 

Problematic inventory system 

One of the key mechanics of the Diablo series that players enjoy is the ability to play different builds. As we have covered before, however, fans of Diablo 4 are disappointed with the inventory system in the game. 

Beyond that, Diablo 4’s inventory system is critical to player success in the game. Not only because players would want the ease of switching builds, but also because what you find in dungeons, etc, is what makes you more powerful. 

Without the ability to quickly and effectively switch between builds, players are stopping the game earlier than they want to because they aren’t able to comfortably switch between alts. Redditor ‘AdNeither7676’ mentioned in a previous thread that they “Stare at [the inventory] in frustration and then log out.” 

Seasonal content runs out quickly

Seasonal content in Diablo 4 is, obviously, a major part of getting players interested in the new season and keeping them interested throughout. There has, however, been discussion among players where they seem to run out of content before they would like. 

Season 2 was released on October 17, and fans have been concerned that all they feel they have left to do is run Helltides. Redditor ‘Aspirational_Idiot’ said, “I quit this season once I realized the next thing for me to do was farm Helltides for 100+ hours so I could do Duriel four ways to maybe get one of eight Uber uniques, only 3 of which were relevant to my build.”

While player burnout could be a cause for concern and a possible reason why each season doesn’t come with content that will fill out players’ time for months, fans are finding themselves quitting long before the season ends. As a result, players may not return for the next season. 

Diablo 4 has only been out for half a year, and it is difficult to judge yet whether these concerns are directly related to the longevity of the game. As new seasons and content come out, we will keep you updated with changes, new content, and how Diablo 4 is fairing for a successful future. 

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