Diablo 4 players call out major missed opportunity with campaign

Amitesh Dhar
Astaroth in Diablo 4.Blizzard

Diablo 4 has a campaign that spans across multiple Acts. However, players feel the developers should have added ways to increase the difficulty while replaying the campaign.

As a part of the campaign in Diablo 4, you get to take the fight to Lilith and other demons like Astaroth and Duriel. While you can engage some of the bosses from the campaign later on, you cannot access all the missions on that very character.

To replay the campaign in the game, you need to create a new character. You cannot access World Tier 3 or 4 while replaying the campaign, because those difficulty modes are locked behind the campaign completion itself.

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As mentioned by ‘Taskmaster5’ on Reddit, the Diablo 4 campaign was “stunningly well done” and had a really good storyline.

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Player ‘IwanttoGiverupper’ agreed with the OP and said, “I still wish there was a difficulty above Tier 2, for the campaign. Especially for Hardcore, it’d make for a very fun time.” While many players appreciated the storyline, others said that adding a cinematics page to the Diablo 4 menu would make them happy.

To that, ‘RoyalTease’ replied, “I’ve watched it somewhere on YouTube. It’s like 3 hours. Diablo 4 all cuts cutscenes full movie. I play it while playing.”

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The common sentiment amongst players is that they would want to replay the campaign at higher difficulties. Some suggested that Blizzard add a feature called “Nightmare Chapters,” while others said it was a “shame” that players couldn’t replay the Diablo 4 campaign as they could do in Diablo 2.

Redditor ‘Invictus-85’ commented, “That’s one thing I can agree with some haters on, and I remember the D2 campaign being really fun to replay on Hell difficulty; we used to get parties together and do boss runs all the time.”

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It will be interesting to see if the developers introduce a way to replay the base Diablo 4 campaign in the near future. Till then, be sure to check out how to craft Uber Uniques in the game, and what players had to say about the poison damage in the game.

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